Nice guy kills girlfriend

I see nothing much has changed while I was away.

The latest case in the national news involves Jovan Belcher, a linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Police report shows new details in Jovan-Belcher murder suicide–nfl.html

So, the reason for this fatal domestic violence incident, according to this article:

  • couple had been arguing for months
  • he was angry she was out late
  • she reportedly did not talk to him as he thought she should

Honestly, I can’t recall seeing “arguing” as a cause of domestic violence, have you? Or the manner in which a person speaks to another.

He’s painted with a lot of sympathy in this article – he only “reportedly” partied (in quotation marks in the article); he says he’s sorry to his girlfriend (sorry for killing her); his mother and coach are involved; he tells the coach how he wants his children to be taken care of (do killers have that right?)

The victim, on the otherhand, is a mother who went to a concert, had a few drinks, argued with her boyfriend, and spoke in a manner he didn’t like.



Slandering “accusers”

Shouldn’t “accusers” be able to sue for slander? Albert Hainesworth, for example, called the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct a liar and he vehemently denies the allegation. Victims have been slandered like this before. Even a newscaster said that athletes can be targeted for “the slightest thing”! And we feminists get charged with saying women are always innocent? Ha! You got us beat on this one, guys. (See also the comment on the Superbowl & Domestic Violence post or the post about athletes and impunity -not to mention all the ‘believe women’ posts)