Envision gender equality

Interesting article on gender equality by Jane Roberts…

Let’s envision gender equality — Nothing else is working

I envision a world where people, men and women together, will deliver for women, who will climb over the barricades in a nonviolent struggle for enormous change. We have to make it happen. We need a peaceful, purposeful, stubborn, and obstinate revolution.

Gender equality fully embraced…but

Gender equality fully embraced, but inequalities acknowledged

Yes, it’s a big BUT, but…it doesn’t sound that bad overall regarding gender equality, as results show in this recent Pew Research Center report. I’m probably most disappointed that men don’t view the inequalities the same as women, but considering women’s issues aren’t mainstreamed in the media, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here are some highlights of the report…

  • Yet, despite a general consensus that women should have the same rights as men, people in many countries around the world say gender inequalities persist in their countries. Many say that men get more opportunities than equally qualified women for jobs that pay well and that life is generally better for men than it is for women in their countries.
  • The survey also finds that women are far more likely than men to perceive gender inequalities. By double-digit margins, female respondents in 13 of 22 nations are more likely than male respondents to say men in their countries have the better life. And in most countries where majorities among both men and women agree that men get more opportunities than women for high-paying jobs, women are considerably more likely to say they completely agree that is the case.
  • In 19 of 22 countries, majorities say that a marriage where both husband and wife have jobs and take care of the house and children is a more satisfying way of life than having the husband provide financially while the wife cares for the household.
  • Publics across the countries surveyed offer mixed views on whether men should have more of a right to a job than women during tough economic times.
  • Female respondents in the U.S., Britain and Germany also offer far more negative assessments of their countries’ progress on gender equality than do male respondents. About seven-in-ten American (72%) and German (70%) women who support equality say their countries need to effect more changes to give women the same rights as men; a much slimmer majority of men in both countries (55%) say that is the case. The gender gap is somewhat narrower in Britain – three-quarters of women who favor equal rights say their country still has work to do, and 62% of men agree.