Nice guy kills girlfriend

I see nothing much has changed while I was away.

The latest case in the national news involves Jovan Belcher, a linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Police report shows new details in Jovan-Belcher murder suicide–nfl.html

So, the reason for this fatal domestic violence incident, according to this article:

  • couple had been arguing for months
  • he was angry she was out late
  • she reportedly did not talk to him as he thought she should

Honestly, I can’t recall seeing “arguing” as a cause of domestic violence, have you? Or the manner in which a person speaks to another.

He’s painted with a lot of sympathy in this article – he only “reportedly” partied (in quotation marks in the article); he says he’s sorry to his girlfriend (sorry for killing her); his mother and coach are involved; he tells the coach how he wants his children to be taken care of (do killers have that right?)

The victim, on the otherhand, is a mother who went to a concert, had a few drinks, argued with her boyfriend, and spoke in a manner he didn’t like.



5 comments on “Nice guy kills girlfriend

  1. susususuah says:

    lies she asked for it they all ask for it you treat them good they treat you like shit leave you in a pile of hopelessness then go off to there fucking collage and think of them selfs thats why it happen my sympathy is 0

  2. shawanna says:

    it dont make so sense for soeone to kill someone for nothing i hated that it is a tready & its sad that his moma going though some stuff that her son kill a sweet girl & took care of her daught now what happens when his daughter grow up asking were is her mommy & daddy he sign that 2 million dollar contract does the money go to the baby or the familyy heart goes out to the family

  3. wildninja says:

    The reporting on this has been so skewed because of his celebrity, speculative “brain trauma,” and all the other reasons people are trying to explain this with. Focusing on this detracts from what these families are going through and the horrific nature of the crime. C.S. Lewis said that evil is the abuse of free will– free will was the most important factor here.

    • Jo- says:

      This keeps happening over and over and these reporters clutch at straws to explain it – without realizing experts have already explained it. All they’re doing is relying on stereotypes, really. Just feels like we keep hitting our heads against the wall!

      Thanks for commenting.


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