Slandering “accusers”

Shouldn’t “accusers” be able to sue for slander? Albert Hainesworth, for example, called the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct a liar and he vehemently denies the allegation. Victims have been slandered like this before. Even a newscaster said that athletes can be targeted for “the slightest thing”! And we feminists get charged with saying women are always innocent? Ha! You got us beat on this one, guys. (See also the comment on the Superbowl & Domestic Violence post or the post about athletes and impunity -not to mention all the ‘believe women’ posts)

Children as property?

Whew, this headline is straight out 0f the 1800s when children were considered property of their father:

Mom Who Took Dad’s 2 Kids to S. Korea Jailed in NJ

She gave birth to them. Furthermore, both Mom & Dad agreed to move to South Korea – she didn’t take them anywhere by herself. He then moved back to NJ voluntarily – to make more money, he alleges. She alleges HE sexually abused their child  – yet SHE is in jail. Another he said/she said situation where he is believed and she is not – without even investigating the charges.