Today Show gives psycho from Psycho Ex-wife blog valuable air time

Dad behind ‘psycho ex-wife’ blog protests its shutdown  

I couldn’t think of a less deserving man to give such valuable air time to on the lofty topic of freedom of speech.But, you know, maybe discussing these psychotic angry divorced men might give people a clue as to what ex-wives are dealing with.

The guy was ordered to shut his blog down, so now he’s protesting it’s his freedom of speech to bash his ex-wife. [The very same guy that discusses parental alienation — the pseudo-scientific term that claims (mostly) women poison kid’s minds against them – is, umm, poisoning his kids – and about 200,00 readers (per month) – minds.] They said on the Today Show his blog was inaccurate, belittling, and “outright cruel.” Matt Lauer (who typically rolls his eyes at anything feminist-sounding) said that’s what blogs are all about (not sure what blogs he reads but I often thought he was a Men’s Rights Activist in disguise so he must be reading those – that would certainly account for the cruelty he’s reading).

Fortunately, they did present the wife’s side and she came off very rationale.

So, I wonder, why is it that when women badmouth their exes it’s parental alienation and when men do it, it’s their freedom of speech?

The Today Show again misses the boat on domestic violence

The Today Show played a 911 call from Paula Abdul, who plead to be let out of a car this past Valentine’s Day. The driver was, allegedly, her boyfriend. On the call, Abdul sounds panicky, perhaps afraid, until finally, the driver comes to a stop. And, somehow, the Today Show thinks this call will “tarnish her reputation.” They talk about her “antics” in the past — so, apparently, they think her plea was just another crazy “antic” and not really a call for help. I realize Abdul has had controversial behavior in the past, but comparing this 911 call to an “antic” was troublesome. 

The Today Show has also disregarded domestic violence allegations in international child custody cases (despite evidence indicating many of these cases do involve domestic violence) and has offered a lot of sympathy to misogynist Charlie Sheen. 

Not a very good record at all, I’d say.    

Here’s a video clip: Today Show

Today Show misses another opportunity to discuss domestic violence

This morning’s show discussed a recent increase in mail order brides – reportedly due to the bad economy. I’m not even gonna touch that one. What it failed to do, more importantly, was to discuss the disproportionate rate of domestic violence experienced by mail order brides.

Here are two recent stories on mail order brides and domestic violence:

Mail order brides in West Virginia vulnerable to domestic violence

December 27, 2010

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Advocates in one part of West Virginia say they are seeing shocking numbers of Internet mail-order brides becoming victims of domestic violence. Catherine Adams, supervising attorney for the Parkersburg office of Legal Aid of West Virginia, says she now has five of these cases of battered immigrants on her desk. She says the women are especially vulnerable because they are essentially alone in a strange place.

Mail order brides in CT may be vulnerable to domestic violence

January 6, 2011

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – So-called “mail-order brides” are being brought to Connecticut legally from other countries, but then can end up abused by the husbands they hoped would introduce them to a better life. Sheila Hayre, an attorney with New Haven Legal Assistance who specializes in domestic violence cases, says of the 100 cases on her desk now, about three-quarters are immigrant women. She says one mail-order bride from Eastern Europe met a man via e-mail and then met him in person, but he was not what he seemed.

Today Show shows bias towards mothers and ignores domestic violence claims

The Today Show has featured several fathers who’ve had their kids “abducted.” Today they had Michael McCarty on. There was an allegation of domestic violence, but the Today Show blew right by it. Meanwhile, recent research shows most of these abductions DO involve domestic violence.

Here’s a Time Magazine article on it: Protecting kids: Rethinking the Hague convention 

Notice the comments by Christopher Savoie on the Time piece. (I think he was on the Today Show too). He keeps ranting about the “women are just as agressive as men” crap that the Men’s Rights Advocates and misogynist Fathers Rights guys use to paint women as violent and evil. They’re using cherry-picked data, of course, that even the researcher who finds mutual violence –  Gelles – warns against doing because it doesn’t represent the whole picture or the fact that women suffer the most.  A lot of these guys in the Fathers Rights movement have had charges/convictions against them (see XY Online; the Liz Library).

These guys are portraying themselves as innocent victims and the media is believing them, without question. Ignoring domestic violence claims is despicable. Please write to the Today Show 

Today is history

After years, perhaps even a decade or two, of watching the Today Show, I am changing the channel for good. Yesterday had me so livid, I was in a bad mood all day.

In a segment on the Craigslist Killer, they demonstrated to us how stupid women are. Look, they said, all these women posted ads on Craigslist despite the fact that a killer targeted these women recently. How stupid can you get, ladies?

Umm, gee, instead of looking at how stupid women are for making a living that pays $4,000/week, can we look at the men that choose to use violence towards women, please? Would accountability really be that hard of a pill to swallow?

In one sentence they then lost me as a viewer permanently. They said, they must “save them from themselves” in reference to the women. Oh, now, there’s a classic. Folks, we must save women from themselves! Yes, they are raping, stalking and killing themselves in astounding numbers and we must save them from themselves! (Remind me again what century we’re in?)

That wasn’t their only gaffe, though. A few weeks ago they had a segment on relationships and said women should lower their expectations. Seeing that it came just a short while after the Chris Brown – Rihanna abuse incident, I thought telling women to lower their expectations hinged on the ludicrous.

Then there was the Dr. Laura segment that praised homemakers (and implied what about career women?)  I think stay-,at-home mothers are great too (and greatly underappreciated), however, I really question praising a system that is built on dependency. If abuse is present, that woman will be stuck in her situation (and called “stupid” by those that don’t understand the dynamics of domestic violence). If the man decides to leave, that woman will have to start at ground zero in regard to work and will have lost savings and retirement money. And, moreover, society loses out on the talent that could contribute to its development. So, no, I have nothing against it, but I will not promote it. I simply see it as an option for those (men and women) who choose it for themselves, based on their own circumstances.

Anyway, back to the Today Show. After many happy years together, I’m boycotting it. I’ve got to save myself from further abuse, you know? 

Write to the Today Show at: