TMZ: The Misogyny Zone

I’ve posted about misogyny on the TMZ television program before, now here’s some “writing” on their Web site I’ve come across:


In their article “Mayweather — Cops push for dom. violence charge,” they refer to the mother of his child as the “baby mama:”

The LVMPD claims Mayweather surrendered to authorities earlier this morning in connection with an alleged domestic incident with his baby mama Josie Harris.

Cops tell us Mayweather was booked on one count of felony grand larceny … but the LVMPD claims they have recommended that the Clark County District Attorney’s Office also hit the boxer with “the additional charge of battery domestic violence.”

The cops add that the D.A. will “evaluate the evidence in this case to determine the appropriateness of [the domestic violence] charge.”

Check out the misogynist comments posted on the article:

if he really hit her she wouldnt have a face. She just wants money
Posted at 12:36 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by Ryan Dungey

I am soo sick of these babymama’s pulling the same trick again and again and again in order to twist the law into their favor ending up with more cash… face it.. she’s using the kids as a meal ticket.. it is the common thing these days.. many are in denial about the fact.. its the pro-life doublestandard… just pay her and keep her away from you and your kids.. get the kids full custody.. i do not believe that lady 1 bit.. why not have a truth session ( lie detector)…

 ask the gold digger to take one. i bet she’ll bounce!

Posted at 1:16 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by texasknight1

Now I’m not a floyd fan, but if little mel can hit ox anna in the head and break teeth, shouldn’t this woman be in the morgue because of a caved in head? Just another of a long line of liars who opened their legs to get money. Maybe she can get a job at the bunny ranch. Why should women capitalize because they have a cat between their legs?Posted at 2:15 PM on Sep 10, 2010 by GOLLY