Event: Domestic violence & the media

If you live in the DC area, please come to this discussion on how the media treat domestic violence and teen dating violence:

Do you actually love the way they lie?
Domestic Violence Discussion
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Think the media’s portrayal of domestic violence has real consequences?  Think dating violence is more than just a tabloid story?  Join Women’s Initiative, DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, WEAVE, Show Me Love DC, and Men Can Stop Rape to discuss the impact media images have on teen dating violence.

  • Quinn Pregliasco, Women’s Initiative President


  • Chai Shenoy, Sexual Assault Staff Attorney, WEAVE
  • Kedrick Griffin, Senior Director of Programs, Men Can Stop Rape
  • Katarina Corco, Washington School of Law, JD Candidate

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 8pm-10pm
Location: East Quad Building Lounge on American University’s Campus

Directions: East Quad is part of the 4400 Massachusetts Ave address of AU. It runs along Nebraska Avenue. In this campus map it is the building between SIS and Hurst. http://www.american.edu/finance/oua/upload/Campus-Map-2010.pdf

Please rsvp to Andrea Gleaves at agleaves@dccadv.org


Breaking the mold

There is a tragic story in the Washington Post today about a 17 year-old male stabbing his 19 year-old girlfriend to death. There was a prior history of violence in their relationship. We’re really just starting to learn about the sad realties of teen dating violence. Read the story 17-Year-Old Accused of Killing Girlfriend here.

I must say, the reporters did not use the Snap, Cackle, Pop! “template” I accused them of in my letter to the editor just last week. They speak kind words about the victim. They don’t excuse the behavior of the aggressor. They manage to present the pain of the father of the perpetrator to remind us that this tragedy impacts more people than just the victim and the perp – it will, indeed, have many victims.

I think the media can be held accountable to report domestic violence in a compassionate and non-biased manner (and I want to applaud them when they do so, too). I also think we have a lot to learn about teen dating violence and this tragedy reminds us of what is at risk if we chose to ignore it. My condolences goes out to this family.

UPDATE:  I wrote a brief letter to the reporter at the WaPo commending her for the article and she responded. She said she did see my Letter to the Editor (LTE) last week and was thinking about it when she wrote her article. She agreed that these types of stories should not involve victim blaming. 

Keep writing those LTEs or those emails to the reporters – they do read them and they can be effective.


Miss J