The EVA awards on reporting violence against women

Entries for 2012 are now closed, but I find this interesting enough to post. For one, isn’t this awesome to have awards on reporting violence against women (VAW)? And for another, the site has a 2-page document with advice on reporting VAW. Some of it is familiar – not blaming the victim, not excusing the perpetrator, etc. By the way, the organization is in Australia.

EVA awards

Read the reporting guidelines here.

2 comments on “The EVA awards on reporting violence against women

  1. miss j says:

    Of course, you are correct. I have a few posts on the problem of this term “violence against women’ – just like “women raped” – yes, the perp remains invisible. It is habit to call it this term. I try to use gender-based violence, but often I forget.

    In Canada, women had problems calling this issue “men’s violence against women.” The Men’s Rights and Father’s Rights activists kicked up a storm calling this discrimination. I believe the women wanted to erect a monument or name a park. In many cases, more women die than soldiers are killed, so in all fairness, women need recongnition of this problem. However, the Canadian government backed off. You should be able to find articles on this on the ‘net, if interested. This occurred a few years ago.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hecuba says:

    But naming the issue as ‘Violence Against Women’ ensures as always the male perpetrator(s) remain invisible because the general reader does not know who committed violence against women. Perhaps it was those pesky martians again! Using passive language ensures men are never held accountable for committing male violence against women. See how easy it is to name sex of perpetrator but of course men will not thank women for stating sex of perpetrator unless of course the perpetrator is female.

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