Today Show’s major media bias in psycho ex-wife case

The Today Show has showed major bias against battered mothers in the past – yesterday was no different – but, if possible, it was a bit worse than usual. Bonnie Russell posted her interview with Allison Morelli on this blog:

@Bonnie Russell…Allison Morelli…The follow up: What was the Today Show thinking?

Someone sent it to Allison and she contacted me. I subsequently learned in the five hours TODAY Show free-lance producers spent with Ms. Morelli, much which was very important didn’t air.  Turns out the Today Show piece was worse than most could have imagined.

Not mentioned

That the Psycho Ex-Wife did not solely slam Allison Morelli.  The site also featured posts that were highly critical of both boys. Criticism that will not be repeated here.  That was not featured in any part of the interview regarding a court system that is supposed to oversee the best interests of the children.

Read Russell’s interview with Morelli here.

5 comments on “Today Show’s major media bias in psycho ex-wife case

  1. George says:

    Psycho Ex Wife also talked about psycho ex-husbands, too. It was not a mom-bashing site. Many of its users were women.

    Allison Morelli is a chronic alcoholic. She admits she has problems with alcoholism and has for years. Reportedly she has blacked out from being drunk while with the kids and kicked them out of her home while she was drunk.

    She’s also claimed to have filed numerous false complaints with CPS to harass Anthony Morelli and his new wife/girlfriend.

    Allison Morelli looks like she is projecting her bad behaviors on Anthony Morelli not just about the bad mouthing but about the false child abuse allegations, too.

    So it is OK for her to trash him to his kids and verbally all over the community, but if he writes about what she is doing without using her name on a website then that is not OK?

    You may not like what he has to say, but he didn’t even name her or the kids on the site. And if the court had put a stop to her abuse of him, he probably wouldn’t have reached the point where he felt a need to respond to the abuse.

    Family courts don’t work. They hurt, not help children and parents. They cannot deal with these high conflict cases and often side with the abuser. And when the victim tries to find some way to cope with the years of abuse, then the abuser tries to spin that as abuse. That appears to me to be what is happening in this case, where Allison is the abuser and she is duping many people to think otherwise.

    • miss j says:

      It doesn’t matter if sexist sites have female followers — females can be sexist the same way African Americans can be racist (for example, black cops can be tougher on black perps). Info like this is taught in social work classes.

      So…whenever guys tell me, women do it too — I say, so what? What makes sexism okay if you got a few females doing it too? Doesn’t make sexism go away – only makes it worse.

      And, same goes for the idea that the family court or the ex-wife “made him do it” defense. Nobody makes us do anything. We are accountable for our actions — not other people.

  2. Dan says:

    It is very apparent you have not done your homework

  3. Bonnie White says:

    It sounds to me like this is another type of abuse, be it mental, cyber bullying, control issues or another kind of obsession by Mr. Morelli. I feel very sorry for his ex. She should not have to go through this but most important the children should not have to go through it. I feel the abuse is as much for the children as the ex.

    • miss j says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, I agree, his actions are another form of abuse. Abusers are masterful at controlling situations and I think his blog is a way to dictate his point of view. The ex and the kids don’t have a say.

      Also, if a woman who created a nasty blog about her ex-husband, this would be about parental alienation or vengeance, or some other stereotype they attribute to women. (And Matt Lauer wouldn’t be saying ‘aren’t most blogs like this.’ He’s an entitled defensive white male, if you ask me.). Nice they have an MRA to stick up for men. Now, how about the women?

      Anyway, let’s hope the psycho (&his 200,000 followers) does the right thing.

      All the best,

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