TMZ: The Misogynist Zone

Like usual, I had the TV on in the background as I sat at my desk today. TMZ, an entertainment news program, came on. Like other misogynist shows (Jerry Springer comes to mind), I really don’t know how they survive. Is sexism a big sell? Or has misogyny become so normal we zone out when women are called bitches, skanks and hos? I’ve heard all of them on TMZ, The Misogynist Zone, as I call it. Today they referred to Joan Cusack as a bitch.

And have you watched a soap opera lately? Having been unemployed for several months this past winter, I was startled to find soaps referring to women (aren’t they the main viewers?!) as sluts – over and over again.

If is beyond me why TV resorts to calling women derogatory terms and, furthermore, why we (men and women both) put up with it. Who would settle for this kind of treatment?