Is gender equality bad for your sex life?

I don’t think so. I think scientists just continue to validate men’s bad behavior – like the reason they seek younger women, put a high value on looks, seek many women to sleep with, etc. (Of course, if they were meant to be with many women, wouldn’t there be a genetic preference for females? It just seems like a lot of subjective “analysis” for nothing more than the boys-will-be-boys credo)

Why feminism is the anti-Viagra – in a Psychology Today blog post 

After explaining how women have trouble getting turned on, have submission fantasies, seek dominant men, and read romance novels with alpha males, he/she (not sure) says this:

On the other hand, most men are aroused by being dominant, as evidenced by the massive cross-cultural popularity of dominance-themed adult Web sites for men. These include some of the most inventive and varied genres of male erotica, such as hypnotism porn (where Svengalis hypnotize woman into having sex), drunk porn (where men trick inebriated women into having sex), sleep porn (where men take advantage of sleeping women), and a wide diversity of exploitation porn (where women exchange sexual favors for school books, a ride, or a rent-free apartment).

Our mammalian brains come wired with very ancient sexual preferences, quite prominent in the most popular forms of male and female erotica preferred by Homo sapiens. Men are aroused by being dominant and by submissive women, women are aroused by being submissive and by dominant men. In the bedroom, inequality beats equality.

So, what I get out of this is: Women – bad. How can you not get turned on by us? Why do you seek out the bad boy? (all my friends date or marry nice guys, so I never did get this). And, men – good. How inventive of you to make porn with drunk girls or rape a sleeping woman.

Umm, “inventive” is not a word I’d use to describe these porn scenarios.

And he says:

If you suspect this is some kind of stealth agenda for justifying belligerent or misogynistic male behavior, read on…

In my opinion, anytime a guy says “I’m not misogynist”, it’s usually followed by… misogyny.