Surprise that “nice guy” raped teen

This is the template used for domestic violence or rape – surprise that the “nice guy” hit, raped, or murdered.  I’ve yet to see this template used for gang members, minority groups, or crimes that are not personal in nature, involving a man and woman.

And my question will always be: What about the victims?

This article says this guy was nice, that his action was a complete surprise. Then – read how nice he really is…

Neighbors call rape suspect a ‘nice guy’   (check out his photo)

It was shocking because I didn’t think he would do something like this, says neighbor Todd Barrow.

He has talked with Watson several times over the years and describes Watson as a “nice guy.” But police say last week, Watson grabbed a teenage girl while she was walking to the bus stop, on her way to school. Then he took her into a wooded area off 103rd and Connie Jean Road and raped her at gunpoint.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was able to match Watson’s DNA to DNA found at the crime scene. His DNA was already in the system because Watson is a convicted felon.

In 2007, Watson was arrested for grand theft auto. The next year, he was arrested for burglary and convicted of DUI. Last year, Watson was sentenced to a year probation for battery. According to a police report, he got into a fight with his father and bit him.

Do you think people really know their neighbors? Why do reporters continue to question them? This guy obviously had a record – a fairly long one at that. Why would the paper choose the headline that the perp was a “nice guy”? Do females get the same treatment? How are victims treated? Why do we learn more about the perp than the victim? Why are there more kind words for the perp and not the victim?