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Three more children killed because they didn’t believe the woman’s allegations…

‘They still made me send my kids to him’ Mother of slain children say she sounded alarm about abuse repeatedly

A woman whose estranged husband shot and killed their three children while they slept in his Harris County apartment on Sunday says no one heeded her warnings that her husband was dangerous.

“I have documents of everything, all the abuse, and I showed it to everyone, but no one believed me, and they still made me send my kids to him every weekend,” Norma Martinez said in a statement read by Tayseir Mahmoud, a board member at An-Nisa Hope Center, a nonprofit that operates a shelter for battered women.

Martinez and the children had been living at the shelter since March, Mahmoud said. The children would visit their father every weekend in accordance with a court-ordered visitation schedule, she said.

Compare the above article to this one (note the headline):

Attorney of 3 Texas children killed:  They loved their father

by Courtney Zubowski / KHOU

Posted on September 21, 2010 at 7:18 AM

HOUSTON — An attorney appointed to represent three children in a custody hearing said he saw no clues their father might want to harm them.

 Detectives say Mohammad Goher, 47, killed his three children Sunday while they slept at his home during a court-appointed visit.

 It happened in the 13000 block of Homestead in northeast Harris County.

 After Goher’s two daughters, ages 14 and 7, and a 12-year-old son were killed, authorities said Goher shot himself in the mouth in an apparent suicide attempt. He was in fair condition Monday at Ben Taub Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

 “Absolutely bolt out of the blue,” said attorney Syed Izfar. “I don’t know what happened, something must have transpired last week because prior to that everything seemed just fine.

 According to Izfar, all parties had agreed that the parents would get joint custody. They would live with their mother during the week and stay with their father every other weekend.

 “They wanted to stay with him. They wanted to stay with the mother. As a matter of fact, the children wanted their mother and father to reconcile,” Izfar said.

 According to Izfar, the children loved their father and never feared them.

 But two women who know the children’s mother shared a much different story.

 “He held guns to their heads, her and the children,” Tayseir Mahmoud said. “He held knives, he threatened their life, everywhere she went he would threaten the people she would stay with.”

 Mahmoud spoke on behalf of Norma Goher outside a battered women’s shelter in Spring, where Goher has been living for the last six months.

 She read a letter Monday from the children’s mother.

 “Nobody listened to me when I warned them about how dangerous he is,” Norma Goher wrote. “I have documents about everything. All the abuse and I showed everyone but no one believed me and they still made me send my kids to him every weekend.”

 Goher has a protective order against her husband, but the attorney representing the children said he wasn’t aware of their father ever abusing his children.

 “Normally, parents don’t lose visitation rights just because they are abusive to each other,” he said. “If there was any question that the children were unsafe we would have gotten CPS involved.”

 Christina Diaz, a friend of Norma Goher, said the signs have been evident for years.

 “They were all afraid for their lives.”

The man (Izfar) was appointed to represent the best interests of the CHILDREN. With a long record of domestic violence and abduction (the father took the kids to Pakistan & refused to tell the mother where they were), he best represented the interests of the father and was as much to blame for their deaths of these 3 children as the father was.

Here’s a  video with 2 women explaining the situation –