Women account for 70% of serial killer victims

Salon ran this article: Why do serial killers target sex workers? by Tracy Clark-Flory. Honestly, I’m not sure why sections like Broadsheet don’t have articles with stronger positions. She wrote another article I posted here that seemed to rationalize away behavior – kind of like, boys will be boys (it was the article on the gang-rape and subsequent Facebook posting of the drugged teen girl). In this article on serial killers, she tells us serial killers attack sexworkers…because they’re easy prey. End of story.

So, does that include gay and transgendered sexworkers?  Or, ONLY WOMEN?

I posted this comment (and just noticed other posters had something similar to say):

They target women…who happen to be prostitutes

There are many easy victims in society – male prostitutes, homeless, disabled, drug dealers who would get close to a car, etc.


Women’s groups in Atlantic City, NJ said this years ago when 4 female prostitutes were found dead – sure they’re sex workers BUT THEY ARE ALL WOMEN

Particularly when the bodies are found with things like rocks in their vaginas (Green River Killer), misogyny is at play (as if murdering females weren’t enough)

When will the media learn to SEE gender-based violence for what it is – and shame on ‘Broadsheet’ for often missing this boat as well.

 Here’s the article she references: Women account for 70 percent of serial killer victims, FBI reports

According to never-before-released FBI data, women accounted for 70 percent of the 1,398 known victims of serial killers since 1985. By comparison, women represented only 22 percent of total homicide victims.

The FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP), based in Quantico, Va., released the data at the request of Scripps Howard News Service. SHNS is conducting an investigation into the nation’s more than 185,000 unsolved homicides committed since 1980.

According to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Report, local police reported that about 33,000 homicides of women remain unsolved.

FBI agent Mark Hilts, head of the bureau’s Behavioral Analysis Unit No. 2 that profiles serial killers, said “a large number” of serial killers act with a sexual motive.

“Sex can be a motivation, but it’s a motivation in conjunction with something else — with anger, with power, with control,” Hilts said. “Most serial killers do derive satisfaction from the act of killing, and that’s what differentiates them” from those who kill to help commit or conceal another crime.

I had read once that murder is the number one cause of death among prostitutes. They’re also subject to rape, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc. Which makes you wonder why shows like HBO’s Cathouse and others only show the positive side of prostitution. Why the positive PR? Why not discuss violence, teen prostitution, sexual slavery? Would that spoil the fun?

We really need to hold them accountable. As the saying goes, prostitution is the world’s oldest OPPRESSION.