The 50-50 bias

If 50-50 parenting involves equal parenting between BOTH parents, why would an article on this topic ONLY cover the fathers side? In State Child Custody Law: 50-50 Split?, reporter Stacia Kalinoski interviews a dad, his attorney and one other non-biased attorney, who, thank goodness, reminds us of the “best interest of the child” policy.

What all these articles on father’s rights fail to explain is:  Why does research claim that when fathers seek custody, they get it 70% of the time (even violent fathers get visitation and custody)? Where are the experts on shared parenting and abusive parents? Most experts agree that shared parenting is fine for couples with low or no conflict and many couples today chose this option. However, when couples end up in family court – hello! – they usually have conflict and abuse. Estimates have ranged from 50-75% for domestic violence. Why then would you presume shared parenting for these folks? Let’s get real here – courts need to keep the child’s “best interest” in mind, not their father’s.

Johnson said the topic will keep coming up.  He said the issue is becoming a priority with father’s rights groups. 

Yes, and if the public had a clue as the misogynist agenda of those father’s rights groups perhaps this reporter would have chosen some real experts to quote.

Here’s a summary for those not familiar with father’s rights:

1) Shared parenting. [Many of them advocate for shared parenting even with violent fathers. A “violent dad is better than no dad at all” is their motto. Some are working on getting more rights for incarcerated men, including men that have killed their wives. Remember OJ, even he got custody.]

2) Parental Alienation Syndrome/Hostile Agressive Parenting/Malicious Mother Syndrome [No, I’m not making this up. They have courts across the country believing in PAS, despite the fact that many credible agencies call it junk science. It was created by a misogynist pro-pedophile who defended child molesters. (I swear I’m not making this up!) While some parents do bad-mouth the other, FR guys claim PAS is the cause of every damaged relationship – a simplistic viewpoint that neglects other reasons, negates child abuse claims and scapegoats women. And this, folks, is being used across the country.]

3) Want to lower or stop child support [Some claim this is why they want shared parenting so badly. Prior to the enforcement of child support, there was not a push to spend time with children.]

4) Seek pure images of fathers [They have no qualms about poor images of women. They just want images of father to be pure.]

5) Attack the Violence Against Women Act and other gains made in regard to female victims of violence [They say VAWA is breaking up families and is discriminatory – although it covers services for men]

6) Claim domestic violence is 50-50 [It’s not, it’s 85-15. They use studies that are self-reports, don’t distinguish between offensive and defensive violence, don’t take into account violence during separation or severe forms of violence, including homicide]

So these are the “experts” that are quoted in the news media?  Are these the guys you want deciding what’s in the best interest of YOUR child? (See: Lee Doyle for the latest dirt on a father’s rights advocate.)