Male anchor calls talk show host a slut

I’m actually against all derogatory names being used on TV against women – slut, ho, bitch. We already have to put up with terms like gold digger, baby mama, bridezilla, etc. It goes on and on – terms like fembot and helicopter mom seem to come out of the blue on a regular basis – gee, let’s see what name we can come up with today to put down women. And then there’s the personal attack – like Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a right-wing-slut. I can’t even imagine getting away with that with another group – gay men, lesbian, Blacks… So please, if you’re fed up with these attacks, sign the petition on

Women’s Rights Petition: Tell MSNBC to suspend Ed Schultz for calling extremist host a right-wing slut

While conservative bloggers and watchdog organizations are highlighting Schultz’s remark,  the Women’s Media Center also calls on MSNBC to suspend Schultz for his comments, since they not only attack Ingraham, but all women. Ms. Ingraham is no friend to the Women’s Media Center, but a sexist and misogynist attack based on her gender and not her political views or comments is harmful to women in media, politics, and beyond.

Ingraham provides enough fodder for progressive criticism that such base attacks have no place in coverage. As a new generation of women enter media and politics, such comments dissuade women from exposing themselves to vile attacks, and perpetuate inequality in newsrooms and in congress. Join us in telling MSNBC that Schultz’s comments are just as worthy of suspension as Shuster’s, and to send a message to their on-air personalities that sexism is harmful and unacceptable!