Father absence

Over at the Justice’s Posterous blog site, they’ve noted the absence of the term “father” in many of the domestic violence and even family court-related articles as a form of media bias – because, on the contrary, they often identify the woman as a mother.

Check out her site here and look for the September 8th entry: Justice’s Posterous

Here are the article she references: Man accused of bringing handgun to child custody hearing and Soldier sentenced to 6 years for incest, sex assault

Check out these too:

Man angered by how wife cooked eggs kills 5, self   (man and wife denotes inequality as it treats her like a possession; husband and wife is preferred)

Lake Havasu man kills 5, then himself  Suspect in custody dispute with mother of children, police say (man vs. mother)

 Man charged with attempted murder in domestic violence case  (he was a husband & father)

 Police arrested 28-year-old James Ray Salazar, II, Aug. 25 for attempted murder (2nd degree), aggravated assault, kidnapping, custodial interference, child abuse and disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic incident.