Power to the perps

Thank you Sean Fewster for bringing to light just how lenient judges (Judge Sidney Tilmouth) can be on child abusers, especially during this month, Child Abuse Awareness Month. Personally, I know that they often get unsupervised visitation and custody, so we must shed light on their judgements.

In Judge says dad who kicked toddler ‘unlikely’ to repeat offence, a father kicks his toddler so hard he has internal injuries. The child’s offense? Running to the door to see who was knocking.

In October 2006, he assaulted his son when the boy ran to the front door, curious as to who had knocked on it.

Galffy’s wife later found the boy pale and crying – he vomited on her, buckled at the knees and said “my belly hurts”.

A subsequent medical examination found his liver had been lacerated by the impact.

Judge Tilmouth imposed a 29-month jail term, suspended on condition of a three-year, $1000 good-behaviour bond.

He ordered Galffy only be allowed to share a house with his son with the permission of the Department of Corrections.

The judge himself thought the father was unlikely to repeat the offense. Awww, how sympathetic, judge. No wonder we have children going though years of abuse. When given the opportunity, we give power to the perps.