The Guilty Judge

This judge was accused of sexual harassment and he denied it, claiming the women were “spurned lovers.” I would like to know, why are there more Web sites devoted to false accusations (google “false allegations” to see the backing this claim gets) than there are to denial of accusations? Which is worse?  

The judge in this case finally admits the truth and is given a 33-month prison term. His lawyer wants him to be able to claim disability so that he can continue to collect his salary:

Dick DeGuerin, a lawyer for Judge Kent, said the judge suffered from depression, alcoholism, diabetes and bipolar disease. Rather than resign before he serves his time in prison, Judge Kent, appointed to the lifetime post by President George Bush in 1990, has asked to be allowed to claim that he is disabled so he can continue to collect his salary of $169,300 a year, Mr. DeGuerin said.

Yeah, that’s what we should do to those convicted of sexual assault, give them 6-figure incomes. It that’s not enough to make you mad, read this little whammy:

Arthur D. Hellman, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh who specializes in judicial misconduct cases, said Judge Kent’s admission that he had lied to his colleagues was as serious as the sexual harassment.

Umm-hmmm. I recently read a blog post where the writer was upset with men making analogies to rape – oh, man, that team was raped! No, guys, I’m sorry but it is not the same. To make these comparisons that you experience to the sexual assault and rape of women is belittling – to put it mildly.