Where’s the romance in killing?

What’s worse than calling domestic violence a “crime of passion”? How about saying the perpetrator suffered from a “romantic heartbreak”?

Passion and heartbreak do not lead to homicide. A person’s loss of control over the person, much like loss of ownership, is what leads to murder (or even injury or stalking). Separation is the most dangerous time for a woman – i.e. ending a relationship with a possessive, controlling man presents the greatest danger. The irony of this is that it can be safer staying with an abuser than leaving him – until we learn to prevent domestic violence and improve our system of dealing with it, that is.

Ex-boyfriend’s jealousy turns deadly in Hialeah murder-suicide 

Lisset Perez had not yet turned 15 when she broke up with her boyfriend, a man six years her senior who had lived in her family’s apartment.

Lisset’s new start did not last long. Early Thursday morning, her estranged and jealous boyfriend, Adalberto Torres, 21, gunned down Lisset and her mother outside her Hialeah apartment, where they waited for her school bus.

An hour later, Torres killed himself in the Miami efficiency he just rented a few days before.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/26/1794302/exs-jealousy-turned-deadly-in.html#ixzz0yEtsIFQa