Where is the outrage?

Police determine teen missing since 1954 was slain

Apparently killing women is not a new passtime – not that I believed it was. Sadly, the awareness of violence against women just started in the 70s, and much of it occurred in the 90s. Not all countries even have laws against domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking – we’re still living in the dark ages – as women, that is. An author once wrote that during the time of Englightenment as men were making advances, thousands of women were being killed as witches. Today, it hasn’t changed much. Violence against women prevents human potential, affecting the lives of women, young girls, families and entire communities. We cannot advance under these conditions.

“Now that I know, it isn’t so much that she died, but the horrible death,” she said.

Boulder County Sheriff’s Detective Steve Ainsworth, the lead investigator in the case, said Howard died of blunt-force trauma. She couldn’t be identified because her body was found a week after she was killed, and animals had gotten to her face and fingers.

At the time, the mystery made headlines across Colorado, and Boulder residents raised enough money to buy her a gravestone, which read “Jane Doe — April 1954 — Age About 20 Years.”

Boulder County sheriff’s officials have credited historian Silvia Pettem with encouraging them to renew efforts to identify Jane Doe. Pettem became interested in the woman and her story after visiting the cemetery in the 1990s and writing the book “Someone’s Daughter, In Search of Justice for Jane Doe.”

All these articles scattered about in newspapers across the globe paint an overall picture:  An estimated 1.5 to 3 million women are killed every year. That’s a Holocaust every 3 years. This is not the information age for women – this is the dark ages where brutal violence and harmful stereotypes are undermining our progress.

Where is the outrage? Where is the accountablity? the awareness? the concern? …