76…and counting

Check out this recent post on Dastardly Dads – http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2010/02/76-killer-dads-fathers-who-ended-their.html She’s counted 76 cases of Dads murdering their children during visitation or custody. According to the Leadership Council on Child Abuse over 58,000 children go into unsupervised visitation or custody each year. These days family courts hand over the kids because, well, parental rights trump safety, don’t they? When women allege abuse, courts think they’re being ‘manipulative’ in order to get a favorable decision. They turn their backs on these women and readily hand over the kids–to abusers and murderers.

Check out these RECENT cases:

Stephen Garcia-


Nicholas Bacon-


Jesus Roman Fuentes-


Timothy Frazier-


Murder-suicide of 7-year-old boy in Greece, NY-



Danielle Horvat/David Aguilar


On second thought…

Okay, on Feb. 6 I blogged about domestic homicides that target females.  Now, in the past week, we’ve come across three cases that involved boys. There is research that finds violent men seek custody of boys more often than girls. (When I find it, I’ll post it.)

Garcia/Tagle case

Nicholas Bacon

Jesus Roman Fuentes

Also, over at Dastardly Dads, they’ve posted a summary of the Dads that have had visitation or custody and have killed their kids **this year alone.***

Dastardly Dads