‘Good father’ kills sons, commits suicide

A slight twist on the “nice guy” article: “Good father” kills his twin sons and commits suicide:

Rural community shocked by apparent double murder suicide  (notice no mention of ‘father’ in headline)

There really are no positive words for the victims, but plenty on the ‘good father’:

“He was a good father, he really was. You can tell he loved his boys with all his heart. I mean everything he did it was all about his boys,” Bowerman said.

One of Ables’ relatives called the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office saying Able’s had made threats on Facebook about harming his children. Court records showed Ables and his ex-wife had a divorce settlement Friday afternoon and another hearing was set for next month.

“No kids should ever have to go through that. People have differences and problem, but they shouldn’t bring in their family. Don’t let it affect your family. That’s all I see,” Bowerman said.

Many in the close knit community like Bowerman are now left wondering why this tragedy happened.

He loved his boys a lot. I mean his boys were his whole life, you know? His boys and his wife, but I guess it just got to be too much for him,” Bowerman said.