Media bias regarding female violence

I’ve made similar posts before – the headline makes it sound as if the woman is also violent or it exaggerates her use of violence, but when you read the story she was the victim of violence, not the perpetrator. Here’s another one:

Clarksville police:  Husband, wife had history of violence

Jennifer Nations had taken a warrant on her husband exactly three months before he allegedly killed her.

According to an arrest warrant filed on June 9, Jennifer Nations said her husband assaulted her on May 25 at 8 p.m. at their Bunker Hill home.

Jennifer said her husband had jumped off of their bed and attacked her, grabbing her head and slamming it into the walls and doorways of their bedroom.

Jennifer told police she was hit in the head and face with his fists while he had her pinned down on the floor, according to the warrant by Officer Brian Mayes.

Gary Nations continued to throw her around in their bedroom and hit and kick her, the warrant said. He then allegedly shoved his wife back onto the bed and choked her to the point she couldn’t breathe.

Did the woman have a “history of violence”? If she did, so be it. If she did not, don’t say that she did. From the article, I can’t discern that she used violence. From what I read, she was the victim of violence, which resulted in her death.

The article describes how both the police and domestic violence advocates offered her help. It does not state why she declined it – of course, she can’t be asked, but it can mention why victims would decline help – such as, lack of trust in the criminal justice system, threats of retaliation for seeking help, shelters that don’t allow teenage male children or pets, etc. This woman declined help for a reason — the community where she resides deserves to know the answer.  When people turn their back on services or products, usually people find out why so it doesn’t keep occurring. It would help to start with the police department – why did it take 3 months to issue the warrant?