Father’s false allegations

This father poisons soup that he feeds to his children so that he can make a false allegation to Campbell’s that the product was harmful and collect from the lawsuit. Both children were hospitalized:

The girl and boy, then 18 months old and 3 years old, were hospitalized after Cunningham fed them soup tainted with prescription drugs and lighter fluid.

The children may suffer from respiratory problems for the rest of their lives.  

According to prosecutors, the former dump truck driver called Campbell in January 2006 and threatened to sue the company because its soup was contaminated. He pleaded guilty in 2007 to a federal charge of making false claims against the company.

There are certain stereotypes that women suffer from:  having low credibility, being vindictive, lying, being malicious, being manipulative, being controlling…(those of us involved in family court issues, deal with these myths all the time)…I just wonder if the people that believe in these stereotypes ever read articles like these?  Because these characteristics are shared by BOTH sexes. And I’m sure we can find plenty of cases to support this allegation.