(Murder the) women and girls first

Ladies first is taking on a whole new meaning in the homicide field. Is there a trend of killing females while saving the males?

Here’s a case where the man shot the wife and 15-year-old daughter.  The boys were unharmed.

Man charged with killing wife, daughter

HOUSTON — A 39-year-old Houston man is charged with capital murder after allegedly shooting his estranged wife and 15-year-old daughter dead.

The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. Thursday at a southeast Houston apartment complex. Police say Jaime Piero Cole was dropping off his sons, ages 2 and 10, at Melissa Dawn Cole’s apartment when a fight developed between the adults. Police say that when the woman’s 15-year-old daughter, Alecia Desire Castillo (kas-TEE’-yoh) tried to intervene, Jaime Cole drew a gun and shot mother and daughter several times.

Police investigator H.A. Chavez says Jaime Cole left his 10-year-old son behind and fled with his 2-year-old son. After an Amber Alert was issued, the two were seen in a Walmart store in Wharton, 55 miles to the southwest. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper arrested Cole. His sons are unharmed.

Of course, there have been other cases where daughters were targeted –

There was the Darcy Freeman case, where he threw his daughter but not his two sons off a bridge-

Father accused of throwing girl, 4, off West Gate Bridge

There was also Paul Michael Merhige who killed 4 women, including his 6-year-old daughter, out of a total of 17 people, gathered together for Thanksgiving in 2009 –

Holiday shooting tragedy

Or, how about the man who tried to pin his wife’s bloody murder on the daughter? You don’t have to travel to the Middel East to find women blamed for men’s crimes. It’s right here.

Man charged with killing his wife testifies it was his daughter