Nice perps

For sure, this is a template that is used by reporters for cases involving child abuse or domestic violence. The “nice guy” (as reported by neighbors) are stunned by the person’s actions. Not only that, we have to hear just how nice he was:

“He spoiled her. He treated her like his own. You never heard him yell at her, you never heard him say a bad word about her,” Worden says.

We learned Chris and Meghan were dating for a year and while Chris wasn’t the girl’s biological father, neighbors at his last known address say he played the role perfectly.

“He used to play with his daughter, right here, you can still see the rope. We never saw it coming,” former neighbor Cody Campbell says.

We have no idea what his girlfriend or her child were like. The reporter didn’t have a single nice word to say about them.

His crime?

To her horror, police believe, that blood was from her 2 year old daughter. Police say Mundell raped and slashed her thigh with a steak knife, then set her blanket ablaze.

A tw0-year old child was raped, cut and set on fire.

And there are only nice words in this article about the perp and not the victims.

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