New York Times gets it right with domestic violence article by Karen Zraick

Okay, since I called out the New York Times on how they handled a domestic violence article just recently, I wanted to post this article that reports it fairly well.

The only criticisms I would have is that they say “man” in the headline rather than husband; they don’t provide any context on separation & divorce being the most dangerous time for a woman; and, they indicate she just couldn’t break the hold he had on her – this could be explained if they interviewed a domestic violence expert (for example: manipulation, threats, lack of affordable housing could all prevent a woman from leaving).  These 3 critiques would make an ideal article, but I realize it can be hard to find an expert in time or to have the space available to provide the context.

The article does provide a photo of the victim and it mentions positive things about her life. There is no victim-blaming. Kudos!

Bronx man is person of interest in wife’s death