It’s been a busy week for bad ads.

Here’s a “men wear the pants” ad from Dockers:


Here’s 2 posts relating to the Docker’s ad:


Echidne of the Snakes

Step away from the salad and get your hands dirty? Is that really the message Dockers wants to send men. Um, salad bars will be way more helpful than slamming back some beers, smoking he-man Marlboro reds and eating wings at Hooters anyday! Men suffer from heart attacks, suicide, shorter life spans and violence — all due in some form or another from masculinity roles! Is that what Dockers wants for men? (I’m afraid to know what it wants for women.)

And here’s another bad ad from Burger King:

Burger King

And…PETA is looking for an African American or mixed race actor for there next video, exploiting women:


Here’s their video from last year, in which a woman takes off her clothes – for what? – to protest animal cruelity, of course! There doesn’t have to be a link with female nudity, does there?

State of the Union Undress

What I want to know is: Where is the People for the Ethical Treatment of WOMEN?!

Burger King respects Mexicans, not women

In Burger King to Scrap Ad After Complaint, Burger King apologizes for offending Mexicans:

Fast food giant Burger King apologized Tuesday for an advertisement featuring a squat Mexican draped in his country’s flag next to a tall American cowboy and said it would change the campaign.

The campaign included a poster and a commercial. Furthermore, BK stated:

Burger King said the ads were meant to show a mixture of influences from the southwestern United States and Mexico, not to poke fun at Mexican culture, but said it would replace them “as soon as commercially possible.”

Burger King Corporation has made the decision to revise the Texican Whopper advertising creative out of respect for the Mexican culture and its people,” it said in a statement.

Burger Pimp

Where, then, is the apology for this offensive commercial using “booty call” to sell kid’s meals?! The commercial involves sexy women shaking their “booty” around the Burger King. The King even goes so far as to use a right triangle on the woman’s butt to describe how square it is. Umm, teaching young boys that it’s okay to touch women’s butts, are you?! Teaching young girls that they should allow it? In the end, a man sits with 2 women (because one just does not hold enough value) and says, “booty is booty.” Well, if booty is booty, why don’t we see a bunch of strapping men with square butts dancing around for our pleasure (you know, the other half of the population)? Why don’t we see people of all shapes and sizes (normal people) and not just sexy women (for the target audience of children?!?!?)? Why are we referring to women’s asses as “booty’ as if they were commercial products themselves? Why are we glamorizing the pimp lifestyle when millions of women and girls worldwide are trafficked in sexual slavery?    

This commercial is wrong on so many levels. Call BK’s Consumer Relations department to complain:

If you are a consumer, please contact our Consumer Relations department at 305-378-3535. Our representatives are ready to assist you Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Apparently, Crispin Porter + Bogusky is the PR firm that created this ad. See their Web site here. Their email is

Dethrone the Burger King that’s pimping their burgers to children! Tell them their commercials are in poor taste! Tell them to respect women!

UPDATE!  Visit Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood to send messages to Nickolodean and Burger Pimp, I mean Burger King.