Billy Bush: “Honey, it’s a giant honor for you”

Billy Bush on Access Hollywood was interviewing Michael Douglas. They were discussing a romantic scene Douglas (in his 60s) had with a young actress (18). Bush asked if either felt awkward. Douglas was explaining it was her first such scene when Bush interrupted and said, “Honey, it’s a giant honor for you” to have Douglas’ hands all over her.

People wonder why some women will do anything for men or lower their standards — perhaps it’s the messages women and girls get on how “honored” we should be?!

Believe women

It was either last night or the night before that Access Hollywood had the results of a poll (AHNation) they had taken (I have no idea of the size of this poll and I do not in any way consider it to be scientific – just interesting). They had polled viewers to see if they believed Oksana broke her own teeth in order to set up Mel Gibson or if Mel Gibson really did it. A whopping 46% of viewers didn’t believe Oksana’s story.

As much as I write about women’s credibility, I was surprised people actually thought she broke her own teeth. (A dentist confirmed that was impossible to do.) And…maybe even more surprising, Billy Bush thought it was due to anti-Russian sentiment. Are you kidding me?!