Everything’s fine

Courts are making it harder for women to make allegations of abuse (detering reporting is the wrong way to go), move out of the area after divorce (only with their permission), and, of course, from talking negatively about an ex (because all parents are perfect??) Here’s news from the UK about censorship, I mean, describing an ex as an “ogre:”

High court judge warns parents not to describe ex-partners as ‘ogres’

I don’t condone bad-mouthing a parent, but neither do I believe courts should get involved with freedom of speech or being able to teach a child about negative behavior. I had a housemate a few years ago. Her ex was involved with the fathers rights movement. Regardless of how he treated their child (lack of affection & love), she was left voiceless to complain – her ex threatened to use parental alienation syndrome (a bogus claim) against her. For courts to silence individuals, especially when it can help children understand negative parental behavior, is absurd.