The Today Show again misses the boat on domestic violence

The Today Show played a 911 call from Paula Abdul, who plead to be let out of a car this past Valentine’s Day. The driver was, allegedly, her boyfriend. On the call, Abdul sounds panicky, perhaps afraid, until finally, the driver comes to a stop. And, somehow, the Today Show thinks this call will “tarnish her reputation.” They talk about her “antics” in the past — so, apparently, they think her plea was just another crazy “antic” and not really a call for help. I realize Abdul has had controversial behavior in the past, but comparing this 911 call to an “antic” was troublesome. 

The Today Show has also disregarded domestic violence allegations in international child custody cases (despite evidence indicating many of these cases do involve domestic violence) and has offered a lot of sympathy to misogynist Charlie Sheen. 

Not a very good record at all, I’d say.    

Here’s a video clip: Today Show