Slandering “accusers”

Shouldn’t “accusers” be able to sue for slander? Albert Hainesworth, for example, called the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct a liar and he vehemently denies the allegation. Victims have been slandered like this before. Even a newscaster said that athletes can be targeted for “the slightest thing”! And we feminists get charged with saying women are always innocent? Ha! You got us beat on this one, guys. (See also the comment on the Superbowl & Domestic Violence post or the post about athletes and impunity -not to mention all the ‘believe women’ posts)

Bill proposes those that make abuse accusations be called accusers, not victims

Sometimes, there’s more sympathy for the accused than there is for the abused. Sometimes, the abused become the accused – accused of lying, that is – especially women who allege abuse – who are often “liars until proven honest.”

Proposed GA bill to refer to rape victims as accusers

“Representative Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) introduced a bill that would change the language of state criminal codes to refer to those who file charges for rape, stalking, and domestic violence as accusers, not victims, until there has been a conviction.”

Today Show shows bias towards mothers and ignores domestic violence claims

The Today Show has featured several fathers who’ve had their kids “abducted.” Today they had Michael McCarty on. There was an allegation of domestic violence, but the Today Show blew right by it. Meanwhile, recent research shows most of these abductions DO involve domestic violence.

Here’s a Time Magazine article on it: Protecting kids: Rethinking the Hague convention 

Notice the comments by Christopher Savoie on the Time piece. (I think he was on the Today Show too). He keeps ranting about the “women are just as agressive as men” crap that the Men’s Rights Advocates and misogynist Fathers Rights guys use to paint women as violent and evil. They’re using cherry-picked data, of course, that even the researcher who finds mutual violence –  Gelles – warns against doing because it doesn’t represent the whole picture or the fact that women suffer the most.  A lot of these guys in the Fathers Rights movement have had charges/convictions against them (see XY Online; the Liz Library).

These guys are portraying themselves as innocent victims and the media is believing them, without question. Ignoring domestic violence claims is despicable. Please write to the Today Show 

Feminist debate on allegations against Julian Assange on Democracy Now

Great debate on Democracy Now between Jaclyn Friedman of WAM and Naomi Wolf, author. Apparently, Wolf doesn’t have much sympathy for rape that is ambiguous. And, she believes consent can include someone giving in to repetitive pleas or having sex while asleep. Some advocate.

Democracy Now

Bias and more bias

Why is it that women make false allegations (making them sound vindictive and malicious) but men frame people (which sounds like they need intelligence and talent)?

Seemona Sumasar spent months behind bars after ex orchestrated elaborate frame-up to silence her

Sumasar was sprung last week, and yesterday, her conniving ex, Jerry Ramrattan, was charged as the mastermind of a stunning scheme. He was desperate to get her to drop the sex attack charges she filed in September 2009 after the two split up, officials said. So he paid two pals to concoct the armed robbery lies, authorities say.

Sumasar said cops thought she was crazy when she proclaimed her innocence and recounted the months of hell the spurned Ramrattan put her through.

“They acted like I’m just trying to blame somebody else for something I did,” Sumasar told reporters. “They did not want to look at it at all.”

Before the Far Rockaway woman was arrested in May by Long Island cops and held on $1 million bail, she says, Ramrattan, 38, was behind a massive campaign of harassment and intimidation.

She suspects he filed a series of anonymous complaints that prompted health and building inspectors to descended on her Golden Crust bakeshop.

Once she landed in jail, the business went under and her home is now threatened with foreclosure. The most painful part was being away from her 12-year-old daughter, Chiara.
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And bias in the criminal justice system (no surprise there):

Sumasar and her lawyer call it all a miscarriage of justice.

They complain that investigators refused to check out her alibi that she was at a Connecticut casino when one of the armed robberies supposedly happened.

Everybody looked at me as a drama queen, like I’m giving them a Lifetime movie story,” she said.

Sumasar, who spent a decade working on Wall Street before launching her own business, had never been in jail before.

“I did everything I could to keep my mind from going crazy,” she said. “I was praying somebody’s going to listen.”

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False accusations of false accusations

Baltimore makes progress on rape but has a long way to go

When Mr. Fenton interviewed victims of sexual assault — and, amazingly, current and former sex offense detectives — they described interrogations in which the police accused victims of making false accusations as cover for having cheated on a boyfriend or for having made a decision they regretted. It was, Mr. Bealefeld said at a City Council hearing on Wednesday, a unit that had “devolved into poor practices over an extended period of time.” Based on the response from the mayor and police commissioner, it’s hard to believe anyone in the unit could still believe that attitude is acceptable.

Warshak’s ruse: Act like he supports domestic violence survivors

Warshak posted this comment on his Huffpo article:

My earlier replies to comments, and my professional articles, make it clear that I agree with you that abusers can be the alienating parent. Here are quotes from my earlier replies to comments: “Some alienated mothers have left coercive, controlling husbands and these women should expect support from those who advocate on behalf of DV victims.” “A child who was intimidated by a coercive father into rejecting the mother may reach out to the mother once the child has established some independence from the father.”

“Should expect support”? What a bunch of hog wash. Any woman, man, or child can expect support from a domestic violence agency, he needn’t patronize the DV community or act like we’re not supporting abused individuals.

What he calls “alienating” behavior or the obnoxious “divorce poison” can be domestic violence if it involves coercion, threats, or intimidation. We’ve been trying to say this – he refuses to post our comments. He’d much rather censor us and make his mulah off of folks with his DVDs, books, and bogus treatment centers. He’d see an end to the cash cow if he simply called abusive behavior domestic violence.

And, speaking of which, what the hell are his credentials for discussing domestic violence? How many classes did he take? Has he volunteered at an agency? Does he donate?

He’s also referencing help to mothers a lot – bull crap. PA/PAS/PAD is overwhelmingly used by men.
He has yet to acknowledge the fact that PAS has been used by abusers in family court to counter allegations of abuse. When he has, he distorted the information and made it look like we said “all men” use PA as an abuse excuse. I wrote a comment suggesting he either had a reading comprehension problem or was an idealogue that was blinded to other views.
The guy’s position is completely divergent from the domestic violence community – make no mistake – yet he’s posturing as if he understands abuse and HE supports individuals (rather than the DV community) — He supports anybody who’s a potential customer, that’s who he supports.
Alienation? Yes, he’s alienated the domestic violence community.
Here’s a few resources on PAS
‘When children reject their abusive fathers, it is common for the batterer and others to blame the mother for alienating the children. They often do not understand the legitimate fears of the child. Although there are no data to support the phenomenon called parental alienation syndrome, in which mothers are blamed for interfering with their children’s attachment to their fathers, the term is still used by some evaluators and courts to discount children’s fears in hostile and psychologically abusive situations.” (page 40) “THE TRUTH ABOUT PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME AND THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”. Statement by Professor Joan S. Meier, Esq. (November 9, 2005).
“When mental health experts or attorneys claim that P.A.S. is a ‘syndrome’– knowing full well that it lacks scientific validity, is the concoction of a disgraced psychologist, and has been soundly rejected by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges — that is disingenuous at best and unethical at worst.  Moreover, when it is used as a vehicle to keep children in the custody of men who abuse them, it is also immoral. ” , Randy Burton, Founder, Chairman and President – Justice for Children.

“The vast majority of these mothers (97%) reported that court personnel ignored or minimized reports of abuse. They reported feeling that they were punished for trying to protect their children and 65% said they were threatened with sanctions if the “talked publicly” about the case. In all, 45% of the mothers say they were labeled as having Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The protective parents reported that the average cost of the court proceedings was over $80,000. Over a quarter of the protective parents say they were forced to file bankruptcy as a result of filing for custody of their children. Eighty-five percent of the protective parents surveyed believe that their children are still being abused; however, 63% say they stopped reporting the abuse for fear that contact with their children will be terminated. Eleven percent of the children were reported to have attempted suicide.” “Myths That Place Children At Risk During Custody Litigation”. Dallam. S. J., & Silberg, J. L. (Jan/Feb 2006). Leadership Council. Sexual Assault Report, 9(3), 33-47.   

For more quotes, go to: Parenting abused children

Press coverage on family court rally

The rally in front of the Department of Justice on Friday, Oct. 1 was covered by Ch 9 news:

Mothers demand changes in family courts

Believe women

Three more children killed because they didn’t believe the woman’s allegations…

‘They still made me send my kids to him’ Mother of slain children say she sounded alarm about abuse repeatedly

A woman whose estranged husband shot and killed their three children while they slept in his Harris County apartment on Sunday says no one heeded her warnings that her husband was dangerous.

“I have documents of everything, all the abuse, and I showed it to everyone, but no one believed me, and they still made me send my kids to him every weekend,” Norma Martinez said in a statement read by Tayseir Mahmoud, a board member at An-Nisa Hope Center, a nonprofit that operates a shelter for battered women.

Martinez and the children had been living at the shelter since March, Mahmoud said. The children would visit their father every weekend in accordance with a court-ordered visitation schedule, she said.

Compare the above article to this one (note the headline):

Attorney of 3 Texas children killed:  They loved their father

by Courtney Zubowski / KHOU

Posted on September 21, 2010 at 7:18 AM

HOUSTON — An attorney appointed to represent three children in a custody hearing said he saw no clues their father might want to harm them.

 Detectives say Mohammad Goher, 47, killed his three children Sunday while they slept at his home during a court-appointed visit.

 It happened in the 13000 block of Homestead in northeast Harris County.

 After Goher’s two daughters, ages 14 and 7, and a 12-year-old son were killed, authorities said Goher shot himself in the mouth in an apparent suicide attempt. He was in fair condition Monday at Ben Taub Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

 “Absolutely bolt out of the blue,” said attorney Syed Izfar. “I don’t know what happened, something must have transpired last week because prior to that everything seemed just fine.

 According to Izfar, all parties had agreed that the parents would get joint custody. They would live with their mother during the week and stay with their father every other weekend.

 “They wanted to stay with him. They wanted to stay with the mother. As a matter of fact, the children wanted their mother and father to reconcile,” Izfar said.

 According to Izfar, the children loved their father and never feared them.

 But two women who know the children’s mother shared a much different story.

 “He held guns to their heads, her and the children,” Tayseir Mahmoud said. “He held knives, he threatened their life, everywhere she went he would threaten the people she would stay with.”

 Mahmoud spoke on behalf of Norma Goher outside a battered women’s shelter in Spring, where Goher has been living for the last six months.

 She read a letter Monday from the children’s mother.

 “Nobody listened to me when I warned them about how dangerous he is,” Norma Goher wrote. “I have documents about everything. All the abuse and I showed everyone but no one believed me and they still made me send my kids to him every weekend.”

 Goher has a protective order against her husband, but the attorney representing the children said he wasn’t aware of their father ever abusing his children.

 “Normally, parents don’t lose visitation rights just because they are abusive to each other,” he said. “If there was any question that the children were unsafe we would have gotten CPS involved.”

 Christina Diaz, a friend of Norma Goher, said the signs have been evident for years.

 “They were all afraid for their lives.”

The man (Izfar) was appointed to represent the best interests of the CHILDREN. With a long record of domestic violence and abduction (the father took the kids to Pakistan & refused to tell the mother where they were), he best represented the interests of the father and was as much to blame for their deaths of these 3 children as the father was.

Here’s a  video with 2 women explaining the situation –

Event: Congressional hearing on rape in the US

Please consider attending the Congressional hearing  “Rape in the United States: The Chronic Failure to Report and Investigate Rape Cases”  this Tuesday, September 14, 2010, at 2:15 p.m.

The information is on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Web site.