NOW’s Media Hall of Shame

I have one little word: Ugh!

Newsweek Glamorizes Women’s Submission

The article attempts to support its premise with the not terribly precise estimate that “between 31 percent and 57 percent of women entertain fantasies where they are forced to have sex” (according to Psychology Today).

Picture for a moment a mainstream magazine arguing that men feel there is something “basically liberating about being overcome or overpowered.” Imagine a male author positing that men have an “incandescent fantasy of being dominated.” And try, just try, to envision that cover with a blindfolded male model.

Is it paranoid to suggest that Newsweek and Roiphe intentionally portray women as fearful of equality in order to grease the wheels for rolling back their rights? Is it too extreme to suggest that the cover image and the article work together to convey the message that women want to throw in the towel on being in charge of their sexuality and their lives in general? Would it be going too far to characterize articles like this as contributing to a cultural environment where it’s not so bad when men physically assault women, even rape them, because that’s what women really want?

Roiphe argues that feminists are “perplexed” by the persistence of dominance/submission fantasies, but when Gloria Steinem tries to explain it, Roiphe shrugs her off, writing that “maybe sex and aggression should not, and probably more to the point, cannot be untangled.” Sure sounds like a writer with an agenda that’s hostile to women’s empowerment and safety. Not to mention the fact that Roiphe never asks why men might want to dominate and hurt women, and what that might say about them.

One comment on “NOW’s Media Hall of Shame

  1. Hecuba says:

    Roiphe is a handmaiden of Male Supremacist Propaganda but she is not the one with the real power. Newsweek like most malestream media outlets consistently engages in endless malestream propaganda claiming that men have the innate right to dominate and control women in all aspects of their lives.

    Wonder why men are not routinely told ‘guys it is soo empowering to you when you are sexually dominated and controlled by a woman.’ Or ‘guys it is time for you to cease claiming you are entitled to dominate and control women and instead you should all adopt a meek and submissive attitude everytime a woman speaks to you.’

    Men would become hysterical if such advice were to be given to men, but malestream media considers it right to endlessly tell women ‘you aren’t human because you are just men’s dehumanised sexual service stations.’ Women don’t feel pain do they? No that’s because only men are default humans. By the way such lies were commonly told by white men whenever they were challenged about their ownership of female and male slaves. The common response from these white men was ‘but the slaves want to be our slaves because they prefer their present conditions to being free!’

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