2 comments on “Where Are the Women Writers?

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  2. Sophia says:


    Jayraj Nair
    6041 Lockridge Drive
    Granite Bay, CA
    Phone number

    Jayraj Nair works at Intel Corporation in Folsom, California. His Intel contact information: Intel Corporation, Digital Enterprise Group, 1900 Prairie City Road, Folsom, CA 95630, and 916-356-9048.

    Let us be clear at the outset. Jayraj Nair is a cyber-terrorist and a cyber-stalker.

    Jayraj Nair blames Dr. Burrill for him losing custody of his children. The truth is that Nair accomplished this all by himself. He hasn’t seen his older son in more than three years, and his younger son in more than four years. He has consistently defied court orders entered against him, and completely turned his older son against the boy’s mother, convincing the boy that his mother did not love him. The Placer County Superior Court judges finally got fed up with Jayraj Nair and his antics, and entered orders precluding him from seeing both of his sons. This had nothing to do with Janelle Burrill. It had everything to do with misconduct by Jayraj Nair.

    Through outright lies and unrelenting demands for action, Jayraj Nair convinced Dr. Burrill’s professional licensing agency, the Board of Behavioral Sciences (“BBS”) to investigate Dr. Burrill’s conduct. The BBS’s investigatory arm, the California Department of Consumer Affairs spent over a year at a cost to the BBS of hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating Dr. Burrill. They then turned the investigation over to the California Attorney General, which further investigated Dr. Burrill. After approximately ten months, the Attorney General and the BBS dismissed the only accusation because they had no case. After almost two and a half years of investigating the allegations of Jayraj Nair and his band of internet vigilantes, there was no finding of any wrongdoing by Dr. Burrill. Dr. Burrill was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Jayraj Nair has shopped his demands for action against Dr. Burrill to every agency one can think of. He has repeatedly written letters to the Roseville Police Department, the Placer County District Attorney, the Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments, the Sacramento County District Attorney, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, virtually all of the legislators in the California legislature. None have taken his allegations against Dr. Burrill seriously, and certainly none did anything about his continued and unrelenting complaints.

    In August, 2010, Jayraj Nair and his band of disgruntled litigants filed police reports against Dr. Burrill with the Sacramento Police Department alleging ridiculous allegations of wrongdoing by Dr. Burrill. Due to the frivolous nature of these complaints, the Sacramento Police Department did not spend one minute investigating the complaints, and no contact with Dr. Burrill was ever made. As expected, nothing ever came of these reports.

    As the filing of police reports against Dr. Burrill was so unusual and such a unique story, Jayraj Nair convinced local radio station KFBK AM1530 to do a story on the filing of the police reports. Jayraj Nair used this as a public platform to accuse and defame Dr. Burrill for allegedly prescribing medications to his oldest son, which she did not do. With Jayraj Nair spewing his defamatory venom on the radio, the KFBK story ran this story as the “top story” every hour for at least three days.

    Jayraj Nair continues to blame Dr. Burrill, and has engaged in a two and a half year campaign of internet defamation against Dr. Burrill. Dr. Burrill has fought back very successfully by commencing a lawsuit against Jayraj Nair for defamation, Nair illegally tape recording a confidential therapy session in violation of Penal Code Section 632 and Invasion of Privacy. Jayraj Nair has lost every battle in this lawsuit against him in the Placer County Superior Court. Jayraj Nair filed a motion to have Dr. Burrill’s cause of action for defamation dismissed. The Placer County Superior Court denied that motion, and as Jayraj Nair does with every court order he loses, he appealed the loss to the Court of Appeal. Jayraj Nair filed a motion to dismiss the “bugging” in violation of Penal Code Sec. 632 cause of action against him. Again, he lost, and the case is set for trial on December 10, 2012.

    The lengths to which Jayraj Nair has gone to in his efforts to ruin Dr. Burrill know no bounds. When she was on vacation in 2010, Jayraj Nair went to the neighborhood where Dr. Burrill lives and distributed defamatory flyers to all of her neighbors, “warning” them of the investigation of her license and not to use her for any child custody needs they may have. With regard to books which Dr. Burrill has published and which are available on Amazon.com, Jayraj Nair has posted derogatory and defamatory reviews in an effort to discourage prospective purchasers from purchasing Dr. Burrill’s books. Jayraj Nair has filed complaints with every professional association to which Dr. Burrill belongs. He has hacked into her home computer and posted contents of her computer on the internet.

    To date, Jayraj Nair’s efforts have gotten him nowhere – except sued by Dr. Burrill for defamation, Invasion of Privacy and Eavesdropping. The Placer County Superior Court still has not permitted him to see his older son. After four years of not seeing his younger son, Jayraj Nair has sought “supervised visitation” in which he must go to a therapeutic facility and be directly supervised by a monitor of all of his interactions with his younger son. Another court appointed professional has recommended that his older son stay where he is – away from Jayraj Nair.

    Jayraj Nair is very aggressive and vengeful individual who has made a career out of defaming Dr. Burrill. The public should not accept his defamatory rantings as anything other than what they are – -rantings of a very confused mind. Before forming an opinion about Dr. Burrill, the public should consider the foregoing. The public should certainly not take as gospel the rantings of a madman. Rather, the public should defer forming an opinion and acting on that opinion until the Placer County Superior Court has had its final say on Dr. Burrill’s lawsuit against Jayraj Nair. Nair’s aggression using the Internet just may have caused his recent loss of his job at Intel.

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