Do fathers have a lower standard for parenting?

Do fathers have a lower standard to live up to in parenting? Check out these 2 articles:

This dad smoked marijuana and took methadone, passed out perhaps, and the baby was asphyxiated. Imagine if this case involved a mother:

Bedtime turned deadly
for infants: Tragic accident or is it a crime?

It was the second time the young father had kept his son overnight, Price-Morgan
said. She said she had insisted the baby sleep in a crib while staying with

Cook was tearful as he recounted to officers that he didn’t put the baby in the
crib, according to a sheriff’s report. Instead, he said, he must have fallen
asleep with the child on the futon in the same room.

He also admitted that he’d smoked marijuana after leaving work at 5 p.m. the day

His urine on the day of the baby’s death tested positive for marijuana and
methadone, a powerful prescription narcotic, according to the report.

Drug paraphernalia, including marijuana pipes, equipment for snorting crushed pills
and an empty prescription bottle, were in the room with the futon and the empty
crib, officers also said. The smell of marijuana in the room was strong.

Seconds of shaking, years
of recovering

What’s he’s been through is often fatal, and many more
children who survive do so only technically, with brains so severely damaged
they cannot function.

And what happened to Drake nine years ago takes the life of
nearly one child every day across America. But for those who survive, it causes
untold damage to developing brains that lead to a lifetime of difficulty.

Drake was once a shaken baby.

In March 2002, 24-year-old Ryan Woodward had care of his
2-month-old son, Drake. At some point, Woodward shook the baby so violently he
caused retinal hemorrhages to both Drake’s eyes and brain damage.


Parents have
to be careful about with whom they leave their children
. Such injuries are entirely preventable, Prosecutor
Richards said.

Richards said she frequently sees cases in which a single mother leaves her baby in the care
of a young father, with little to no parenting skills and a short fuse.

“They lose their temper and shake the child,” she said.

–The father was the one who shook the baby (which is often
the case in shaken baby syndrome) so saying “parents” have to be careful doesn’t make sense.
And, why does the blame fall on a (single??) mother who “leaves” the
baby with the father?!?  (Does it really matter whether she’s married to the father or not?!)

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