Skechers want girls as young as 7 to shape up

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Augusta Christensen is a recent college grad who remembers all too well what it’s like to be a little girl with a poor self-image, so she started a petition on pushing Skechers to discontinue Shape Ups for Girls.

Nearly 2,000 signatures later, the president of the “Skechers Fitness Group” wrote a column on the Huffington Post that attacked Augusta personally and claimed that the shoes are just the company’s way of getting involved in the fight against childhood obesity — even comparing the product to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. 

But if that’s true, why not make Shape Up sneakers for boys? (Plus, experts say the shoes may not actually increase fitness — and lack support and stability when you’re running.)

Augusta pushed back with a column of her own, and the controversy has since been covered by the Today Show, MSNBC, and ABC News, among others. 

But Skechers still refuses to discontinue Shape Ups for Girls — and it will take a bigger public push to get them to back down. 

Please sign the petition to Skechers at:

2 comments on “Skechers want girls as young as 7 to shape up

  1. The Writer says:

    Sketchers is not going to stop making these shoes unless girls stop buying/wearing them. And young girls aren’t going to stop wanting these shoes unless the women they look up to stop wearing them. It’s a terrible cycle, but the problem’s deeper than just a pair of shoes.

    That said, the fact that the shoes are both unattractive and *ineffective* is fairly amusing to me. Oh well. Guess people will do anything if they think it’ll help them get that perfect body.

    • miss j says:

      YES! – The problem is much deeper than the shoes – but they are part of a worrying trend that gets girls younger and younger to perceive their worth in their outward beauty.

      Thanks for commenting!


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