Texas’ most ‘wanted’ female sex offenders

It appears the Houston Press listed the state’s top 10 hottest female sex offenders — this is wrong on so many levels! I’m going to provide the link to Hay Ladies! where Andrea Grimes has covered this story – with updates, petitions, and apologies.

Houston Press lists ten hottest female sex offenders

4 comments on “Texas’ most ‘wanted’ female sex offenders

  1. Ratbu says:

    Biological differences between virgin boys and virgin girls justify the double standards:

    1.) VIRGIN VAGINAS are UNTRAINED for sex bec. virgin girls only prefer clitoral masturbation, not vaginal. Clitoral masturbation teaches a girl how to orgasm, leaving their vagina PAINFULLY too tight 4 sex. That’s why her partner HAS to take it slow bec her vagina was UNTRAINED to accomodate a penis.
    That’s why most virgin girls expect their 1st time to vaginally hurt.

    2.) VIRGIN PENISES are WELL TRAINED for sex bec. virgin boys masturbate by aggressively rubbing their penises. So an experience woman DOES NOT have to take it slow. A virgin penis can painlessly handle the FAST AGGRESSIVE RIDE of a vagina if consensual. That’s why most virgin boys do not expect their 1st time to hurt.

    Virgin girls have genitals PRONE to getting hurt during sex, making them LOOK LIKE victims, but NOT virgin boys.

  2. miss j says:

    Double standards are a social construct; they are not based on biology, they are based on gender. And, by their very nature, ‘double standards’ cannot be justified – nor do they only occur while human beings are virgins.

    And, by the way, if you believe vaginas are weak, you’ve never witnessed child birth – can a penis do that? Why can only one sperm reach an egg? Why are testicles so fragile?

    • Ratbu says:

      VAGINAL STRENGTH is only possible if a girl is no longer a virgin. Only VIRGIN VAGINAS are the weakest.

      Girls are victims because they’re manipulated into sex. Virgin girl’s sexual urges are mostly clitoral, not vaginal. Virgin girls have almost no idea on how to use their vagina bec. they masturbate by rubbing their clit. So a girl has to be MANIPULATED into sex (intercourse). VIRGIN GIRLS prefer clitoral, not vaginal. In fact, most of them hate vaginal masturbation.

      Since virgin boys masturbate by rubbing their penis, they know exactly how to use their penis, so they’re MERELY seduced (not manipulated) into sex. Which means they simply follow the urge of their penis.

      Because during first time consensual sex, it is all about how to not hurt a VIRGIN vagina.
      Please Google “Wedding Night Tips” and “How to lose virginity without pain”.
      Those sites give instructions on how to NOT HURT a virgin vagina during first time. There are NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to NOT HURT a penis during first time.


      Only NON-VIRGIN WOMEN can rape men. Just type the keywords “Russian Woman raped 1 man” on Youtube.
      But virgin girls cannot rape men/boys. Because virgin girls are clueless about the functions of their vagina because they masturbate by rubbing their clitoris (while ignoring their vagina).

      Since most virgin girls expect vaginal pain during first time, they cannot rape men/boys.
      How can virgin girls rape men/boys if most virgin girls prefer clitoral, not vaginal? How can a virgin vagina (weakest genitals on earth) be able to assault a penis?
      The fact that the female genitals are mostly INTERNAL, makes virgin girls more clueless about their vaginas.

      Only non-virgin women can assault a penis. It’s only possible if a woman takes all the drastic measures.

      So if you ever read a report about a woman raping a man, guess what, she may already had intercourse PRIOR to raping a man.

      Men in general, even VIRGIN MEN can rape women/girls. Since virgin men masturbate by rubbing their penis, they know how to use it for sex or rape.

      That’s because the male genitals are mostly external, so they know exactly what they want.

  3. Ratbu says:

    Why double standards exist?

    Because virgin girls have weaker genitals than virgin boys.

    1.) Virgin girls are weak -most virgin girls want to take it slow. Their arousal is limited within the clitoral area. As a result, first time intercourse may hurt due to tightness, fear of pain and hymen present. They worry that it may hurt at first try, no matter how gentle he may be. Their arousal is limited within the clitoral area and ignore their vagina. Therefore, virgin girls do not know exactly what they want for their vaginas -the very organ that’s used for intercourse. When virgin girls masturbate, they rub their clit. They prefer clitoral, not vaginal. Unfortunately, society sees men as vagina-craving horn dogs. That’s why virgin girls have weaker sexual cravings than virgin boys.

    2.) Virgin girls are stupid -they believe in the hymen myth -a false belief that the hymen is an indicator of virginity. So they limit themselves to clitoral, not vaginal. In reality, a hymen can be broken through non-sexual strenuous activities. Some women are born without it. But nothing can prevent virgin boys from rubbing their penises, no matter how many sex myths you tell them (e.g. masturbation causes blindness, insanity, etc.).

    Most boys NEVER say “please be gentle” or “take it slow” during first time intercourse. Only girls do. Most virgin boys do not expect to feel pain during first time. Words such as”please be gentle” or “take it slow” are indicators of VAGINAL WEAKNESS. During first time intercourse, a girl may suffer various vaginal weaknesses such as:

    1.) Painful vaginal dilation.
    2.) Painful breaking of the hymen (if present).
    3.) Vaginal bleeding
    4.) Pain due to insufficient vaginal lubrication.

    A virgin penis does not have such weaknesses. That’s why teen boys are lucky. Virgin vaginas are SO WEAK, thus making them look like victims.

    There’s also a huge difference between first time consensual sex stories by males and females.

    1st time sex stories by females:

    1.) cabin fever
    “Then he pushed hard and DAMN it hurt!”

    2.) My Step-brother
    “All of a sudden he said something like “oh, God” and thrust all the way in me. Even though I was shocked, I could feel him cumming deep inside me. Of course, I screamed in pain and started tying to get him off me.”

    3.) first love
    “He started to slide his cock in my already wet cunt. at first it hurt, but i just bit my lip, and he kissed me on my forehead and he gently continued”

    -Let’s turn the tables: During consensual sex, a tremendously loose vagina will not hurt a penis. No guy would scream in pain if his dick got devoured by a loose pussy.

    This explains why society sees girls as potential victims.

    I have also read first time sex stories by males from the same website. None of those male posters said that their first time hurt their penis. Virgin boys have the strongest genitals.

    Vaginal weaknesses of virgin girls justify the double standards.

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