2 comments on “Dateline will showcase a father’s case on Mother’s Day – go figure

  1. miss j says:

    I’m involved in the Battered Mothers Custody Movement – this is a movement made up of domestic violence survivors, children/teens who were court-ordered to have unsupervised visits/joint or sole custody with an abuser, along with activists, lawyers, writers, etc.

    So…I wonder why we can’t get our story in the media. We’ve had 3 fathers get significant air time and help from their legislators. Goldman had a 2-hour special last year and his story gets aired on MOthers Day.

    Considering there are thousands of mothers who lose custody (one estimate is 58,000 kids a year go into unsupervised visit/custody with an abuser) – why can’t their stories be told?

    Let Goldman get on with his life. He got his child back. Thousands of women have lost custody to an abuser and can’t see/protect their children. Moreover, 58% of international abductions involve domestic violence – – where are their stories?! This is bias.

    This is nothing personal – about me or Goldman. I want women’s voices to get heard in the media. This is the reason I started this blog.

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting.


  2. Dorothea Wilkinson says:

    When I saw the preview I was so excited I thought it was on after 60 minutes. Yes, I know 60 minutes is on CBS but I was thinking Dateline was on after at 8:00. I can’t believe I missed it. I am now on the computer trying desperately to find it online. I don’t care that it’s mother’s day. This is the most hear warming story of a father’s love. It still brings tears to my eyes. Whoever you are, get over yourself! If you want to blame someone, blame his book publisher. It probably would have been more appropriate to release the book closer to Father’s Day. but I’m so glad to hear an update and to know that they’re doing well.

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