Only one thing in common?

2 Prior Long Island Serial Killers Also Stalked Escorts

One smoked crack with his victims before bludgeoning them to death in his apartment. Another was caught after a police chase that ended in a crash outside the courthouse where he was later convicted of murder.

Now, a new Long Island serial killer has dumped at least four bodies near Gilgo Beach in December while forensic scientists work to identify four more sets of human remains found recently and police continue to search for more bodies possibly hidden in the brush.

All three murderers have one thing in common: They all targeted prostitutes…
Actually, what they all had in common was they targeted FEMALES. Males and transgender folks can prostitute, too, the serial killers didn’t target them, they targeted females.
At the very end, they say this:
“He’s targeting women who are either using drugs or engaging in prostitution or both, which are the traditional victims of serial killers because they’re usually loners that are not going to be missed by their families and they’re not going to put up much of a struggle,” Klein said of the current serial killer.
If writers are going to write about killers that target women – at least they should focus on that in the article (not save it for last) and put Violence Against Women into context.

One comment on “Only one thing in common?

  1. You’d enjoy off-our-backs on-line mag on “The Grammar of Male Violence Towards Women.”

    About off our backs
    off our backs is a nonprofit organization run by a collective where decisions are made by consensus. Formerly a print news journal by, for, and about women, off our backs was published from 1970 to 2008.

    Our backlist is available online through university libraries and research services.

    Someone else described the article I mean:

    “THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2007
    “The Grammar of Male Violence”
    I hate that I haven’t been able to find the time to post lately. Especially since there’s never any shortage of stuff to write about. For now, though, in lieu of a real post, what I can do is point you to a really great article by Jennie Ruby called The Grammar of Male Violence, all about how the general discourse about “violence against women” tends to highlight the woman’s victim status while rendering her male perpetrator(s) invisible.”

    Many of the bloggers, mothers who’ve attempted to leave domestic violence, but figured out that the family law system has another plan — are very adept at pointing this out in news commentary as are you — and one reason I just subscribed to the comments field.

    Pls. review my blog if you want another take on the DV / FR groups when kids are involved. It builds on others’ works and may be a better way to handle these issues — forensic accounting, not forensic “psychology” which is the current practice.

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