Update: Libyan woman who was raped

Please sign the petition asking Turkey to use their diplomatic means to get Iman al-Obeidi released:


168,235 people have signed the petition so far – they’re seeking 500,000 signatures.

Have you seen this yet? Her alleged rapists are suing her for defamation. How is it possible for rape victims to have the tables turned on them? 

Militia members sue woman who accused them of rape 

5 comments on “Update: Libyan woman who was raped

  1. Hecuba says:

    Oh look a rape apologist claiming yet again it is a woman’s fault yet conveniently ignoring the fact this very brave woman has charged multiple males with group raping her.

    Should we then declare that every time a male is physically assaulted by another male we should blame the assaulted male because he dared to ‘invite’ such violence being committed against him?

  2. michellefrommadison says:

    She shouldn’t be banging guys in the streets like she is Lara Logan. Looks like some more investigation is needed to determine whether she acted like Logan did, just for the attention. 😦

    • miss j says:

      Thinking women seek attention sounds like the attitude of an entitled male – like we need to seek your attention, your approval, and, if we dare do something wrong (per your subjective opinion), we deserve to be punished. Gotcha big guy. Save this talk for the boys club. wink wink

    • Chantelle says:

      Are you F******** kidding me?!! Being MASS RAPED and having your LIMBS NEAR TORN from your body, beaten until your inches away from your death EQUALS banging guys in the streets?! I know a dire lack of social intelligence, lack of proper education and ignorance allows incredulity to fester but this analogy is one that I doubt even the most remedial, ‘shit for brains’ creature would make. You clearly lack any knowledge on and rape and morality in general, but it’s to the point where you think someone being violently ravaged is the same as casual sex? If that analogy holds, then someone who gets shot, probably ‘attracted’ the bullet to them…I can’t wait until men like you become extinct…you’re already dying out faster than us – yay!

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