Domestic violence calls risky for officers

This was the type of article I was expecting the other day when I commented on the New York Times piece  –

Editorial: Domestic violence calls risky for officers

This was my comment on the article:

Thank you for writing about a very important topic – the fear and danger involved when a police officer shows up for a domestic violence call.
However, please don’t use the term “spat” (or “dispute” etc.) – this really minimizes the volatile situation a woman goes through when faced with a violent spouse/boyfriend and seems to indicate she’s equally aggressive, when more often she’s trying to defend herself (or himself, in some cases).
Also remember that this is sometimes the “job” a woman chooses – to be a wife and mother – so, like a police officer, she faces danger on the job – – often enough her only risk factor is being female (because these men tend NOT to hurt their co-workers, neighbors, etc. — rather they hurt and kill their wife/girlfriend, children). So, if we are to give accolades to somebody being brave, getting hurt/killed while on the job – we should remember the women too. All too often this society blames them for their situation -if these men came with signs on their forehead, then I’d agree. But they don’t. They can be police officers, college professors, etc. These women are put in a dangerous, terroristic situation with no training whatsoever.
Please highlight that if armed police officers are fearful and put in danger – so are women and children. And instead of blaming them, we should help them.
Many thanks to the officers.

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