Media equality for Women’s History Month

Can the media inch toward media equality? That’s the challenge posed by Feminist Peace Network:

During the celebration of Women’s History Month in March, give women the column inches. Deliberately turn the tables and turn over the majority of your space to women. Try it for a day on March 1. If the world as we know it doesn’t come to an end and there isn’t a mass emasculation of men, try it for another day–still there? Keep it up for the month and then resolve to once and for all do what it takes to reach gender parity because your current policies that leave out women’s voices are demoralizing and damaging and misogynist and it is way past time to get beyond that paradigm.

It starts off talking about how even the liberal papers often fail to give women column inches. I know I recently had a disconcerting experience. The monthly paper for progressive Takoma Park, called Takoma Voice, and edited by Eric Bond, gave ONE FULL PAGE to men’s rights ideology. I think the writer, Jon Aerts, spent more time bashing feminists than talking about male victims of domestic violence. Even his school mentor, Adrianne Flynn, defended Aerts work. I pressed the issue and my letter to the editor was NOT published. (I felt if a man had pressed the issue, he would have gotten respect…and printed). Shame on the so-called progressives who pander more to misogyny (see below on Sheen) than to gender equality.   

Here’s a part of the (ludicrous) reply Bond’s gave me in regard to the piece. Anyone familiar with Men’s Rights ideology will realize they don’t speak the truth:

But as editor of the Takoma Voice, my goal is to provide the most accurate information possible to our readers. I endeavor to provide objective analysis, to the extent that is possible. But we are, obviously, all subjective beings. I will review your objections and the article with great interest, as I am more interested in the truth than being “right.”

I raise this here because I was very upset that a place like Takoma Park (also called Granola Park or the Berkeley of the East) would print Men’s Rights crap and not my letter (a friggin’ letter, not even an article)

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Feminist Network piece –  it ends on a positive note – a donation to media equity. Please read it in its entirety here:

Feminist Peace Network












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