Colin DeVries: “Good tenant” who beat wife “shockingly” killed her and a police officer

Another “nice guy” article that describes the killer as a “good tenant”:

Poughkeepsie shooter, victim described by Catskills neighbors as ‘good tenants’ By Colin DeVries

The killer is described as somebody who: didn’t bother nobody, didn’t cause any trouble and was: a go-getter, always working, always doing something.

And the victim was described as: Well, she was lumped in with the killer as a good tenant who didn’t bother nobody.

Then this good tenant who didn’t bother nobody:

“Lee was always beating on his wife,” Komaromi said. “She came to my house a couple of times.”

In late January, Mr. Welch was charged with third-degree assault against his wife and, Komaromi said, there was an order of protection.

Mr. Welch violated the order and was charged Jan. 31 with felony criminal contempt and remanded to the Greene County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

And this good tenant who didn’t cause any trouble:

Mr. Welch, 27, fatally shot his wife and a police officer who attempted to restrain him as he fled toward the Poughkeepsie train station midday Friday.

City of Poughkeepsie police officer John Falcone, an 18-year veteran of the police force, was killed moments after wresting a 3-year-old girl from the arms of Welch.

Just shocking that someone who beat his wife and violated a restraining order would kill her and a police officer, isn’t it? We’ve never heard anything like it before! (sigh) Why can’t these reporters talk to a domestic violence expert? Why do they refuse to see a husband that kills his wife as anything but “good”?

2 comments on “Colin DeVries: “Good tenant” who beat wife “shockingly” killed her and a police officer

  1. ColinDeVries says:

    Thank you for reading The Daily Mail.

    I feel inclined to point something out here. Something which, apparently, was lost in the above interpretation of my reporting.

    The Welchs’ domestic situation is a common one — though not all escalate to murder, some do. To the outsider, everything appears “good” though there are clear warning signs.

    When reading about this tragic story, it’s important for us to remember that what we see on the outside is merely the tip of the iceberg. Even though your neighbors appear to be “good tenants,” it’s important not to dismiss the signs of abuse.

    Mr. Komaromi is an example of what happens all too frequently in our society: the situation is ignored and left to deteriorate.

    So, how can we help seemingly “good tenants” that display signs of abuse before it escalates to injury or worse? Well, that’s when you bring in the experts. Contact your local domestic violence center or dial a hotline.

    This story only presented the facts. It’s the reader’s responsibility to look at the bigger picture and draw their own opinions.

    Thank you,
    Colin DeVries

    • miss j says:

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for commenting. I used to work for a domestic violence agency and I often write about it.

      Most people that work in the domestic violence field actually don’t approve of the “nice guy” kills wife ‘template.’ They would also like to see more kind words about the victim and interviews with her friends/family so that the pattern of abuse can be exposed.

      Soon I’ll be posting something that a group of us came up with regarding domestic violence reporting. I also have resources for the media in another previous post.

      Thanks again,

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