“Father absent households” ignores women and blames them at the same time

Here’s a press release regarding the National Fatherhood Initiative. Notice that single Moms (even gay & lesbian couples) running a household and raising children are now absent themselves and relegated to being “father absent”households. I’m quite surprised Obama is supporting all of this. Can you imagine being referred to as “husband absent” or “boyfriend absent” if you were single?

What about “mother absent” households?

“Father absence” is also used as a proxy to say single moms are the the cause of social ills (instead of things like say poverty, gun laws, drugs, etc.) and the reason their sons are incarcerated. Oh, those horrible single women!!

$150 million – at a time of belt tightening? When programs to help women & children are being cut? If the money went directly to single women – wouldn’t that help these families more?!

Saying fathers hold the key to ridding society of social ills – Why? Because patriarchy has worked so well?!?

February 17, 2011
National Fatherhood Initiative Applauds Congress’ Extension of
Fatherhood and Marriage Funding
One-Year Extension Needed to Allow Critical Family-Strengthening Work to Continue

(Germantown, MD) — National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) hails the one-year, $150 million
extension of the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Grants program, as passed in
the Claims Resolution Act of 2010.

The grant program, first passed in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 as part of a 5-year TANF
reauthorization, is set to expire at the end of the current fiscal year. NFI applauds Congress’
foresight in passing a one-year extension of the program ahead of an eventual multi-year
reauthorization of TANF and the corresponding fatherhood and marriage funding.
Allowing the funding to continue uninterrupted is a critical step in ensuring that this important
work continues to be carried out by community-based organizations across the country. Since
2005, hundreds of organizations have been able to enhance their family-strengthening work
through funds from this program, administered by the Administration for Children and
Families’ Office of Family Assistance. Additionally, a national clearinghouse for fatherhood and
a national resource center for marriage were funded, providing support for such programs at the
national level, and media campaigns drawing attention to the importance of these issues.

Roland C. Warren, president of NFI said, “At a time of tight budgets and fiscal constraints, this
work is especially valuable, as it produces significant cost-savings on other government
programs designed to deal with the consequences of family breakdown. NFI’s “100 Billion
Dollar Man” study found that the federal government spends at least $100 billion annually
supporting father-absent homes. The relatively small investment represented by the Healthy
Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Grant Program serves to help prevent family breakdown,
saving billions down the road. Call your members of Congress to express your support for this
important program.”

Congress’ work in this area reflects priorities expressed by President Obama since taking office
in 2009. The President’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships has made
responsible fatherhood one of its four focus areas. The President also formed a Healthy Families
and Responsible Fatherhood Task Force, of which Mr. Warren is a part, to advise the
Administration on how to best approach family-strengthening issues. Finally, the President’s
fiscal year 2012 budget included $150 million in support of these programs.
As the premier fatherhood renewal organization in the country, National Fatherhood Initiative
(NFI) works in every sector and at every level of society to engage fathers in the lives of their
children. NFI is the #1 provider of fatherhood resources in the nation. Since 2004, through
FatherSOURCE, its national resource center, NFI has distributed over 5.7 million resources, and
Vincent DiCaro
Vice President of Public Affairs
# # #

2 comments on ““Father absent households” ignores women and blames them at the same time

  1. Dear Ms. J:

    Nice blog — where has it been? Found it on a google search, and I have been blogging similar issues since 2009, as a Christian Feminist DV survivor whose case got flagged, apparently, by the fathers’ rights contingent within the family law system probably as soon as I filed the domestic violence restraining order with kickout, and had “product” to be moved –our daughters. So my daughters have had a “mother-absent” household several years ago. Eventually I came to my senses (and started sorting through the types of information blogrolled to the right) and have focused on the organizational design/origins, funding, and ceaseless expansion of the family law Gulag.

    So o o . . . .where have you been? This article gets you on my blogroll, and I request a place on yours http://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com — I know many of the authors of the blogs to your right. I share a lot of viewpoints with randijames.com, and rights for mothers is full of my detailed commentary on HOW economy + rhetoric beats truth + justice each time.

    And what to do about that — individual women can do research that mainstream advocates have “bailed” on (including on their professions and professional organizations). I also blog Dr. Phyllis Chesler, some Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Nonie Darwish, among others, whose viewpoints need to be in any feminist discussion — the truth about the religious angle, and the significance — for women – of this “Faith-Based Initiatives” bull started by Bush to support (and fund), many times, the institutions that have silenced wife-beating as “head of the household” norm, and whose “mandated reporters” do nothing of the sort.

    REQUEST: Can you fix the line breaks on this great article showing NFI-think?

    More suggested blogroll links: SOURCEWATCH.org and old.mediatransparency.org (that link is keyed to “national fatherhood initiative” personnel) — or the new one; TAGGS.hhs.gov (database of HHS grants, where one can look up the damages, by CFDA# and find out how much was put into, for example, “Abstinence Promotion” and such)..

    And — key to understanding this, a grassroots group around since 1993, and among the original (actually, I don’t know of another) who nailed the originators of this fiscal, political and dangerous-to-women virtual theocracy policy, NAFCJ.net

    This is not only ridiculous, but also severe conflict-of-interest, a past-midnight earmark that is still going, going, and reproducing programs, “collaborations” (and encouraging “legalized” kickback operations) like rabbits in more “initiatives” to this day.

    Since you post DastardlyDads, I assume you know how this sometimes plays out. To find out what happens when media actually reports this, check out SFWeekly’s March 2 “California Family Court…” article, which currently has 1,500 comments, and still going, among the various factions — a thing to behold, when both mother’s rights and father’s rights get on there, and some people try to talk sense (about this issue) in the middle of all that emotion.

    Anyhow, your link just made my Top 10, for variety of viewpoints on this issue. One thing that is needed for mothers (and fathers) caught in this artificially-created maelstrom is to be able to sort through many different blogs and themes on-line with a paradigm that makes sense. I say, looking at the founders and funders of the movement is a good one.

    Let’s encourage independent research among individuals concerned about how their taxes are spent, and whether those taxes are enabling child abuse, spouse-battering, child-stealing/trafficking through the courts, and enriching crooks who also have steady jobs as “public servants” or “court-affiliated-services” in the courts and associated nonprofits of the system. This has most definitely been (and will continue to be) “Missed” by the mainstream media, INCLUDING the mainstream media reporting on the disasters it produces.


    • miss j says:


      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I did add your blog to my blogroll – thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      Yes, I saw the SF Weekly article when it came out – I had no idea it had over 1500 comments! I know the Fathers Rights guys come out of the woodwork on these articles (and the Mothers Rights groups too).

      I also write articles (my name is Joan Dawson) – I had one on Huffpost recently on the topic of PAS and another on RH Reality Check. I’ve been involved in the Mothers Rights Movement for a few years now. I don’t have children. I got involved because the Fathers Rights and Men’s Rights people viciously attacked my articles on the topic of violence against women. So, I started going to the web sites they recommended for the “real stats” on domestic violence – you know the ones – mediaradar, batterered men, dvmen.org – a bunch of misogynist stuff. They made me want to defend women all the more. I didn’t put my name on the blog because I thought I would be attacked by the FR guys, but they don’t come around too often – thankfully. It’s nice to have a break from their hateful rhetoric.

      So, welcome! It’s always nice to find allies in the blogosphere.


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