Press release: LY Marlow to speak at United Nations

L.Y. Marlow To Be Keynote Speaker at United Nations ‘A Season For Nonviolence’

January 13, 2011 (Washington, D.C.)

L.Y. Marlow will be the Keynote Speaker at the United Nations for the 11th Annual Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Nonviolence 2011 event entitled “Speak Out, Unite, End Violence Against Women.”

The United Nations event is a national educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities. The event was inspired by the anniversaries of Mahatma Ghandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and now also honors Cesar Chavez.

The event will be held Wednesday, February 2nd at 1:15pm at the United Nations in New York City and is open to the public.  Click here for more information on the event.

Source:  Saving Promise

Contact: Kristen Lawler
Goldstein Communications
212.838.0822 X232

Kanye West releases a preview of a video that eroticizes violence against women

This is bad. Really bad.

If that’s not enough, a behind-the-scenes clip of the video includes a semi-naked dead woman laying spread eagled on a table in front of Rick Ross as he eats a plate of raw meat. It is likely we can expect more brutal images in the full-length video.

The victims in this video are clearly women. Only women. And the men, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z are far from bothered by the female corpses. They seem to enjoy being surrounded by lifeless female bodies, apparent victims of a serial killing.

Source: Adios, Barbie

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Billy Bush: “Honey, it’s a giant honor for you”

Billy Bush on Access Hollywood was interviewing Michael Douglas. They were discussing a romantic scene Douglas (in his 60s) had with a young actress (18). Bush asked if either felt awkward. Douglas was explaining it was her first such scene when Bush interrupted and said, “Honey, it’s a giant honor for you” to have Douglas’ hands all over her.

People wonder why some women will do anything for men or lower their standards — perhaps it’s the messages women and girls get on how “honored” we should be?!

Today Show misses another opportunity to discuss domestic violence

This morning’s show discussed a recent increase in mail order brides – reportedly due to the bad economy. I’m not even gonna touch that one. What it failed to do, more importantly, was to discuss the disproportionate rate of domestic violence experienced by mail order brides.

Here are two recent stories on mail order brides and domestic violence:

Mail order brides in West Virginia vulnerable to domestic violence

December 27, 2010

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Advocates in one part of West Virginia say they are seeing shocking numbers of Internet mail-order brides becoming victims of domestic violence. Catherine Adams, supervising attorney for the Parkersburg office of Legal Aid of West Virginia, says she now has five of these cases of battered immigrants on her desk. She says the women are especially vulnerable because they are essentially alone in a strange place.

Mail order brides in CT may be vulnerable to domestic violence

January 6, 2011

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – So-called “mail-order brides” are being brought to Connecticut legally from other countries, but then can end up abused by the husbands they hoped would introduce them to a better life. Sheila Hayre, an attorney with New Haven Legal Assistance who specializes in domestic violence cases, says of the 100 cases on her desk now, about three-quarters are immigrant women. She says one mail-order bride from Eastern Europe met a man via e-mail and then met him in person, but he was not what he seemed.

Press release: Women’s Media Center statement on the Arizona shootings

The Women’s Media Center just released this message:

Women’s Media Center Statement on the Arizona Shootings

The Women’s Media Center (WMC) is stunned and saddened by the attack on Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and her staff and supporters. As media cover this tragic story, they have a special responsibility NOT to legitimize violent rhetoric that targets and attempts to silence women leaders and progressive voices. The Women’s Media Center will continue to monitor the coverage of this story, and encourages media to make the link between hate speech and violence, and to condemn violent rhetoric. 

Vitriolic, sexist, and racist language is a form of hate speech and bullying. Examining recent political intimidation can shed a light on the toxic political and media landscape in which the Arizona shootings took place. Here are some highlights from the past two elections that paint a broader context and help us analyze this tragedy. See recent examples here.

To speak with WMC Board Member, author, and activist Gloria Feldt about the lessons learned from this horrible episode, contact the press contact above.Read her moving piece here, in which she explains that this incident is less about decrying our declining civility and more about teaching everyone from their earliest years how a democratic government works, because we are our government.

Our hearts go out to the victims of this violence, and hope that through critical examination of the cultural factors that produce such tragedies, that we prevent them in the future, because violence against one woman is violence against all.

Press Contact: Yana Walton – or 212.563.0680

Athletes and sexual assaults

Okay, this is from 2003/4, but I think it’s quite interesting. Also, I’m not sure if there’s ever been research that has looked at the accusations of sexual misconduct against athletes. I found this on USA Today.

In sexual assault cases, athletes usually walk

USA TODAY research of 168 sexual assault allegations against athletes in the past dozen years suggests sports figures fare better at trial than defendants from the general population. Of those 168 allegations, involving 164 athletes, only 22 saw their cases go to trial, and only six cases resulted in convictions. In another 46 cases, a plea agreement was reached. Combined with the six athletes convicted at trial and one who pleaded guilty as charged, that gives the athletes a 32% total conviction rate in the resolved cases. That means more than two-thirds were never charged, saw the charges dropped or were acquitted.

Here’s their list of cases.

Robbie Crockett Iowa football He was accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1998 and was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Crockett pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to 90 days in prison and three years of probation. He was also ordered to pay fines and court costs of more than $2,700 and to pay for the victim’s counseling.

A pedophile gets 90 days in prison? Read some of the others – reduced sentences, probation only… It’s quite enlightening.

False allegations…but whose?

Okay, this can also be “liar or denier”? In this case, the father is accusing the son, not the ex-wife, of making a false allegation.


By Rich Cholodofsky

Thursday, January 6, 2011
In a court case that pits father against son, Anthony Cesare of Delmont is asking a Westmoreland County jury to make his 28-year-old son pay for making up a lie that Cesare claims ruined his reputation and cost him business.

In court documents filed more than two years ago, Dominic Cesare accused his 53-year-old father of sexual and emotional abuse, according to Anthony Cesare.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s totally ridiculous,” Anthony Cesare testified Wednesday about his son’s allegations.

Dominic Cesare accused his father of sexually abusing him as a teenager in a court document he filed in a custody case in 2008 and in later depositions for the lawsuit.

Attorney Steve Morrison told jurors that the defense to the defamation suit is that the abuse allegations are true.

“The conduct itself is really reprehensible,” Morrison said.

Dominic Cesare never reported his allegations to police. Morrison said the disclosure came too late to have a case prosecuted.

According to Anthony Cesare’s lawsuit, the sexual abuse allegation surfaced as a manufactured attempt to prevent him from seeing his grandson. Then his son spread those allegations to customers, according to the father.

Both Cesares run competing Delmont-area businesses that install custom-built water treatment systems.

Anthony Cesare said his son’s allegations cost him customers.

His lawyer, Amy Cunningham, said there is no proof of any sexual abuse, and her client has since been certified by the Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau to act as a foster parent.

“The evidence will show Dominic never, never told anybody about this allegation of sexual abuse before he filled out that custody form,” Cunningham told the jury.

The trial before Judge Anthony Marsili will continue this morning.

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International conference on women media leaders

Third International Conference on Women Media Leaders

22 Mar 00:00 – 25 Mar 00:00

March 22-25, 2011
George Washington University
Washington, DC, USA

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), in partnership with the GW Global Media Institute, will gather top female executives in the news business from around the world for two days of unprecedented discussions designed to develop a concrete Platform for Action to achieve gender equity in newsrooms…Deadline for those interested in volunteering: January 15, 2011.

Read more here.