Today Show misses another opportunity to discuss domestic violence

This morning’s show discussed a recent increase in mail order brides – reportedly due to the bad economy. I’m not even gonna touch that one. What it failed to do, more importantly, was to discuss the disproportionate rate of domestic violence experienced by mail order brides.

Here are two recent stories on mail order brides and domestic violence:

Mail order brides in West Virginia vulnerable to domestic violence

December 27, 2010

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Advocates in one part of West Virginia say they are seeing shocking numbers of Internet mail-order brides becoming victims of domestic violence. Catherine Adams, supervising attorney for the Parkersburg office of Legal Aid of West Virginia, says she now has five of these cases of battered immigrants on her desk. She says the women are especially vulnerable because they are essentially alone in a strange place.

Mail order brides in CT may be vulnerable to domestic violence

January 6, 2011

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – So-called “mail-order brides” are being brought to Connecticut legally from other countries, but then can end up abused by the husbands they hoped would introduce them to a better life. Sheila Hayre, an attorney with New Haven Legal Assistance who specializes in domestic violence cases, says of the 100 cases on her desk now, about three-quarters are immigrant women. She says one mail-order bride from Eastern Europe met a man via e-mail and then met him in person, but he was not what he seemed.

2 comments on “Today Show misses another opportunity to discuss domestic violence

  1. Susan says:

    I would also like to know how immigration deals with the issue of mail order brides. There are so many people here in the US that do not have legal status. Why are these men allowed to promise these women the “American Dream”, marry and bring them here. This is so shameful!

    • miss j says:

      A lawyer told me that even a prisoner can marry a mail order bride and give her legal status. Even though these women have legal status, though, they may not know their rights or where to get help if they get abused.

      Thanks for commenting.


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