Women and reality TV

Reality TV Does a Real Hit Job on Women’s Brains

(WOMENSENEWS)–Women’s intellectual inferiority is among reality TV’s basest notions. Time and time again, we learn that the female half of the population is cringe-inducingly stupid.

In embarrassing scenes across unscripted subgenres, women are portrayed as “the dumber sex.” For women, we learn from one bridezilla, “Thinking is a waste of time. Thinking is for people who have no brains.”

Before we learn a thing about their personalities, we’re predisposed to deem them inane, idiotic or, at best, naive for signing up for reality TV humiliation in the first place.

Visit Jennifer’s site – Reality Bites Back – and be sure to view the Reality Rehab videos – they’re hysterical!!

2 comments on “Women and reality TV

  1. snowblondie says:

    I think its the other way around, I think men are portrayed as stupid….

    • miss j says:

      Thanks for commenting.

      Women are often portrayed as stupid, hysterical, catty, etc. Stupid is the stereotype – our beauty is supposed to be more important than our brains.

      Men are also portrayed as stupid, but in comparison, men have a broader representation in the media – as doctors, scientists, leaders – nerds – comedians, class clowns, and other funny characters – to the opposite spectrum, stupid, goofy, jock, etc.

      If women were more broadly represented, it wouldn’t be much of an issue to portray some as stupid.

      It’s kinda like the commercials for cleaning products – have you ever seen a man cleaning? If you notice, you may hear them ‘narrating’ the commercial – as the voice of authority – but rarely – very rarely – do you see them clean. (That commercial for the vacuum with the ball comes to mind.) Likewise, the product can use a male – Mr. Clean, for example – yet it’s the woman’s elbow grease that gets the job done -so why isn’t a powerful woman used?

      Thanks again,


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