Caffeine Insanity plea in case where husband strangled wife

THIS is insane…

Caffeine Insanity? Ky. man killed wife, will claim caffeine overdose made him do it

NEWPORT, Ky. (AP) Can too much caffeine turn someone into a killer?

It’s a provocative premise the attorney for accused murderer Woody Will Smith plans to put to the test, in Smith’s murder trial for the 2009 strangulation death of his wife. Opening arguments were expected Monday in a Newport, Ky. court, and defense lawyer Shannon Sexton has filed notice he’ll argue his client consumed so much caffeine in the days before killing his wife, that it rendered him temporarily insane.

The 33-year-old Smith claims that he feared his wife, Amanda Hornsby-Smit,h would leave in the middle of the night with their two children because of a suspected affair, and that his resulting paranoia caused him to consume energy drinks and take diet pills containing ephedra to stay up all night and get through work the next day.

She was probably going to leave him – separation is the most dangerous time for a woman. The idea that he was temporarily insane because he had too much sugar is absurd – and typical behavior (making excuses) of an abuser.  It’s a classic case of a Twinkie Defense too.

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