Believe women

It was either last night or the night before that Access Hollywood had the results of a poll (AHNation) they had taken (I have no idea of the size of this poll and I do not in any way consider it to be scientific – just interesting). They had polled viewers to see if they believed Oksana broke her own teeth in order to set up Mel Gibson or if Mel Gibson really did it. A whopping 46% of viewers didn’t believe Oksana’s story.

As much as I write about women’s credibility, I was surprised people actually thought she broke her own teeth. (A dentist confirmed that was impossible to do.) And…maybe even more surprising, Billy Bush thought it was due to anti-Russian sentiment. Are you kidding me?!

2 comments on “Believe women

  1. miss j says:

    Media certainly does ignore violence against women – I was very upset to read the articles on the HIV gel in the Washington Post & NY Times – and not a mention of violence! They’ve been trying for years to create a microbicide for women to protect themselves – it’s a good idea, but it overlooks the fact that a culture ALLOWS domination and abuse to place women (& children) at risk. So, instead of changing the culture, they create a medication. Again, it will help – but it will not solve the problem until the culture changes.

    Thanks for commenting~


  2. Jennifer Drew says:

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least that 46% viewers believe the myth Oksana deliberately broke her own teeth as revenge against that pseudo ‘saint’ Gibson.

    Media has consistently promoted misogyny and women-blaming because don’t you know, male violence against women is a myth created by those ‘harridans’ radical feminists.

    Patriarchal system always has a ‘neat’ answer with regards to mundane, everyday acts of male violence against women. Now Gibson is the supposed ‘victim’ – what next? There really are men on mars?

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